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About Me

Well its been many years, I think its time I overhauled this page a little bit.


To all here, hi there. Its me, Skysweep. Just the silent, observing and somewhat brooding brony.


Well, a little about myself would be a good start.


I hail from the island nation of Singapore. Ive bumped into quite a few bronies here, and am friends with some of them. However, I still dont get why the community here is a little....unrecognised by the global community. Eh.


Ive been here since near the start. Its been the longest chapter of my life so far, and has fed me, kept me safe and grew my talents from the medicore to what I am today. This fandom is something I treat with utmost respect, and my feelings of their goodness and what it does for people is indisputable. If you want history, you can go on ahead and ask. Ive been keeping tabs of the phases, the origins, lots. Just be ready for a loong story.


As of now, I am serving in my nation's requirement of every Singaporean son. The concept of National Service, where every eligible Singaporean male must be drafted to serve in a military/ uniformed force of Singapore as a full serving member for 2 years. Well I guess that technically makes me a military brony. Hi. (Kudos to those other military bronies who opened up in front of their commanders. Its much more scary than dancing around in public in a pony costume. Trust me, I have done so.)


I am always looking for new bronies to make friends with, so I dont mind if you drop me a PM. Just do note I tend to be very shy on the onset. Im trying to be more active, but the busy military schedule is not helping.


Im quite quiet normally, and am very cerebral, yet still has the taste for awesomeness and adventure. That kinda mixes me dead center of Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. I know its strange, dont judge.


I enjoy a ton of brony music and art, and am always happy to see more. I have no reservations against any of it, so if you want critique without the harshness, Im always here to help.


I myself spend a ton of time on projects and studies of all sorts. I swore to someone that they would have more chance of winning the lottery than predicting what are the next few things I will study next. But in all, I love innovation and creation, and hope that one day I can create for a living. Art, digital, physical, anything. But two fields I hold close is security (humane versions of it) and environmental science.


Finally, I have been the listening ear and somewhat of a counselor almost ever since I became a brony (it was a solemn promise I had when I became a brony) So if you have any issues that nobody seems to want to listen to, Im here to help. I cant promise I will be here all the time, but be sure, I will move mountains to ensure you are safe. I've appealed UNICEF into action before for someone, and I will do it again if needed.

Thanks for reading, and I would love to hear your thoughts.