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  1. Guess who just had a big plate full of Buffalo Wings?

    1. Acoustic Cloud
    2. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Somepony, get the peanut butter. I'm jelly.

  2. Brony Power!*Bro Hoofs*

  3. Why the heck cant i stop listening to "Live And Let Die?"Great song,but still.Listening to it 50 times in a row is sad.Why me....

    1. Friendship_Cannon


      every good song I discover: listen to it until I can´t stand it! :c


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    2. PokeBeatleBrony


      Why,thank you yet again.At least someone apprechiates my random-ness.Especially someone with a cool avatar like yours.

    3. Friendship_Cannon


      oh there are many people who appreciate some awum randomness, especially on the forum games section ;D

    4. PokeBeatleBrony


      Ya got a point there :D

  5. Cool!The girl i bought this off of conditioned her,so thats why she looks so clean.I also recently got another G1 and my first G2.Ivy,from G2,and Hula-Hula(Lol)From G1
  6. I am the walrus. Goo Goo Ga'joob.

  7. Hangin' with my Bronies

  8. My 3DS has my little pony on the outside and the inside.My freinds think im obsessed.Never will they learn the joys of Pinkie Pie.

  9. Anyone up for an RP?

  10. Thats exactly what i thought.And she does have a very slight miscoloring in her head and body.Not very much though.Her hair has no snarls at all.im really surprised she lasted 30 years too.On her foot it says "Hasbro 83" Which i think means 1983.
  11. The latest pony related thingy i got was a G1 Moonstone is very good condition off of eBay.Heres some pictures of her.Really good condition.
  12. Hello,my fellow Bronies,Pegasisters,whatever you call yourself. First off,on eBay i got this G1 pony named Moonstone for 15.50.I though i got a good deal considering how good of a conditon she's in.So I'd just like your opinion on Moonstone,if you have time of course. -Brony with wierd nerd glasses Thank you Pixel Mouse for brohoofing my topic.Still open to suggestions,though.So yea....-Sits listening to Winter Wrap Up waiting for the character line to be the minimum and its done-
  13. You have no idea.When im listening to The Beatles or Queen,i soemtimes get this wierd sensation to just put on some ponies,ya know what i mean?even if its 26 seconds long,its still amazing.
  14. Anyone ever hear of the Beatle Bronies?There Epic!