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  1. Bigmethod

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Lol, thanks... i guess?
  2. Bigmethod

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Lol wat?
  3. Bigmethod

    What would you do if Discord appeared?

    I'd give him a brohoof, hug him, ask when he ate john De Lancia and how he absorbed his voice, then i'd ask if i can do the same with morgan freeman.
  4. Bigmethod

    Best (and Worst) Pony Merch

    Haha, i'm sure they would find it somehow, they always do... But i digress, maybe one day when i quit window shopping i'll get a plushie and its sure to make my nights at least 20% more adorable.
  5. Bigmethod

    Best (and Worst) Pony Merch

    I have it on good authority that my friends would disown me (i dunno how) if they walked into my apartment and saw a plushie of fluttershy... Ehh, maybe one day when i'm less of a wimp, but until then.... i still dream on. PS- Absolutely adorable plushie, i had no idea you could customize them like this! Totally cuddle-able!
  6. I'm not huge into movies.... But I have to say that I'm totally feeling out over " pacific rim" that movie looks so goddamn badass!! Thanks, Method.
  7. Bigmethod

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    I've never seen you before, yet u seem like a drceng fellah, and well lied. So I'll say 7/10
  8. Bigmethod

    Why is there so much pony crossover content?

    I don't play LOL but that wallpaper is f'in badass! As for crossover stuff, it has to be my favorite type of art for ponies, not only is it entertaining and fun, its all really interesting and well drawn sometimes. Some examples below.
  9. Bigmethod

    What do you think of Derpy?

    Hmm, well i do find her adorable, nothing really more? I don't understand the unbound love they have for these background ponies at all.
  10. Bigmethod

    What would you do if you saw Fluttershy?

    I cannot simply "go about my business" i must befriend, and hang out with her. There is no other way, if i were to just stand up and leave, i'd feel empty inside for as long as i breath But yes... if i ever got to see her? Slow approach, hug, befriend, ask why she gives grown men heart attacks from her cuteness, etc etc.
  11. Bigmethod


    Welcome Welcome! I hope you enjoy these forums as much as i do!!! If you ever want to talk, just PM me!!!
  12. Bigmethod

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    About a month ago i think.
  13. Bigmethod

    Cutest girl-brony contest [SUBMISSIONS RE-OPENED]

    Holy sh... your right! I hadn't even noticed. Welp, maybe because i'm terrible with names... ehh stupid me. But anywho, hopefully people can forgive me
  14. Is it wrong that i wish i could steal that memory from you... or maybe we could both have it?!?!?! For me... the only real experience i've had with a brony was when i was in london, i tried to give a couple a brohoof because the gf was wearing a brony/pegasister shirt, although they first doubted i was a brony, i quickly proved them wrong. That was my first experience, yet it was oddly fun.