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  4. Well doctors have made anti depressants, so those can help. Well to be honest I use to be depressed but I just pushed past it. But I get anxious in public so that sucks for me. Depression is a bitch, it's a part of life. But hey atleast we have the internet to get our minds off the sadness.
  5. Hello there, welcome to the forum! I am also a bit shy too so I can relate . Anyways how about you tell us more about yourself, for instance who is your favorite pony, or other hobbies. Also if you want to talk about anything just send me a pm. I hope you enjoy your time here on the forums!
  6. Question, do I get the pink tag? It looks pretty cool. Also if I find some more money I will try and donate since this community is pretty cool!
  7. Joining the cause, sorry it's only $10. Money is kind of tight for me right now but it's the least I could do. Good luck and I hope you get enough for Bronycon!
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  10. Im back since foreveR!!!

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