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  1. Any musicians out there know how to do jazz? need help, please?

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    2. Civil Sunset

      Civil Sunset

      The music theory with the chords. I don't know how to make it "feel" like jazz.

    3. Acoustic Cloud

      Acoustic Cloud

      Well, one of the most popular jazz progression is the II, V, I, VI

      Like Dm7, G7, Cmaj7, A7

      http://www.jazzguitar.be/II-V-I-VI-chord-progressions.html This may help show many different voicings for those chords so you can pick out 9ths and roots and whatnot.

      I wish I were staying up later to help. Maybe I can help more tomorrow.

      (What instrument are you playing?)

      Hope this helps!


    4. Civil Sunset

      Civil Sunset

      Well, I'm using FL Studio, but I do play piano. Thank you for your help, I might ask more things tomorrow.

  2. Well... I'm afraid of the dark still.. I feel safe under my blanket from "monsters". I sleep with stuff animals (A tails doll and a pinkie pie pillow. This is actually recent, I never have when I was young.)
  3. DAT LUNA AVATAR. THAT IS ADORABLE. *Ahem.* I guess you could say that Derpy/Ditzy Do is getting out of control in the entire fandom.
  4. I would have to say the Sax. It's so smooth sounding and I like the way it looks. I played Clarinet in school, but I always wanted the Saxophone.
  5. Why is it so hard to draw ponies?!

  6. And now you know the story of Derpy Hooves. Changes the perspective of things, doesn't it? She is quite amazing for how little there is of her. However, it doesn't change the fact that you have to splash her in everything, as many of us have said before: There are other ponies we like too.
  7. Who's Clarity? I do the feel the same about Rainbow Dash, but I do like Pinkie much more. I don't see too much Pinkie Pie stuff lying around or maybe I'm not looking hard enough.
  8. I agree with Nagisa, though I put "Not Sure". It is annoying how she is everywhere nowadays. There are other background ponies for the spotlight to shine on. I don't hate Derpy, she's just everywhere, is all.
  9. Ah.. I didn't have lunch today. I stayed up too late, so I woke up at like.. 5:30pm. I miss lunch regulary, though I wish I didn't as it helps with energy throughout the day. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something then.
  10. There's a lot of songs on there I don't know and there's some missing as well. My microphone sucks as it picks up all the sounds, so it sounds like everything's cracking. It is fun and I can sing any song.. If my mic didn't suck.
  11. *Yawn.* I'm tired.

  12. Well, if you need music, I can help. I can also do voice acting and singing. I'm good at any of those, can't do animation. I'd love to join in on this experience. Can I join?! Oh and my Skype is: Shou-sama. Contact me anytime either here or Skype.
  13. I just made a song for Celestia. I was looking for more of her Royal side, rather than all the regret people give her. She's still a princess with duties. https://pony.fm/tracks/1079-celestias-honor I'd love criticism.
  14. I need an artist for tumblr, any volunteers?

  15. So, Who's going to BronyCAN?

    1. Marcato


      <== This guy.

  16. *Yawn* I'm pretty tired. I haven't been to sleep since yesterday. Sleep troubles.

  17. It sucks knowing that you'll never be able to make music like all the other producers out there. I feel useless when it comes to music.

  18. Can I see the lyrics? I wanna try singing for this and I'd like tong. do it soon. Not that I'm in a hurry or anything, I just like singing.
  19. I'll sing if you'd like. I think I'm alright at it and my mic isn't the greatest like everypony's, but it can make do. If you want, pm me, I'm always available.
  20. (Good, it needs to get moving.) Civil nodded to the group and then stayed alongside Addem. A soft sigh escaping before he spoke.. "I hope everypony is okay and I'm going to stick with you, Addem. I'm not sure of what's happening at the village, but keeping together is best while they scout." He started walking a little faster, impatient for all thats happened to his celestial brothers and sisters.
  21. Night everypony.

  22. So, I made a tumblr for my OC. There's nothing yet, but it's here. http://askcivilsunset.tumblr.com/

  23. My singing telegram is coming along well. Should be done quite soon.

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