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  1. Hello. I used to frequent this site some years ago, and I tried to log back in today and had some trouble. After resetting password and successfully getting in, I found myself in this account. For some reason back in 2013 I made this account, posted once and never touched it again. Unfortunately, I used my main email for this account and I can't remember what email I used for my other account. I tried several emails in the "Forgot your password" to no avail. The reason I wish to access my old account is to erase personal information on it. I don't know what the original username for that account was, but here is the page for it. https://mlpforums.com/profile/16801-mikami/ I'm almost positive I know the password. Just knowing the original account name would more than likely be enough. Can't believe I forgot it when I used to log into that account every day, though it has been a few years since then. Anyways, thanks!
  2. Hi everypony! So I randomly stumbled across this website, and I have to say it's pretty cool. Glad I found it.