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  1. After months of procrastination, I have finally started coloring my drawings. So i started with a couple of OCs Mine: DB's: After finishing DB's oc today i really want to redesign mine. so stay tuned. Grey
  2. Well here's mine. Not much to look at. BUT THEN!!! You reach the top of the yard, turn around. And .... I love Canberra. The Bush Capital, The Greatest Small City.
  3. Thanks for the like mate And don't you dare worry, now that i have a proper drawing out, this is only the beginning as I am slowly gathering ideas for a comic series. so keep an eye out for that down he road.
  4. There you are Butler. After all your nagging for me to shade properly, I just went ahead and did it. i hope it's good enough that i makes you gag on your Cheerios with suprise.
  5. Sorry for the no-posts in a while guys. But here is my latest and ... AAARRRGGGHHH!!! What a battle the last 4 hours have been to get this one out. Pip ended up pretty much how i wanted him to, But Pilot Light has given me nothing but trouble. Pilot is not complete yet, he has plenty of things wrong such as his leg length and the shape of his head. but i've spent the better part of the last hour covered in rubber shaving and a lite dusting of lead, so i've had enough for tonight. I'll update tomorrow when I try to finish it, but 'til then I need an aspirin and a snooze.
  6. So I opened that birthday present earlier today. It was a Rugby ball, just what i was hoping for. I know i got lazy and didn't shade this one, but until I figure out how to shade properly it's gonna stay that way.
  7. Pilot Light thought i was asleep and decided to sneak my present into my room. He was wrong, but i promised not to open it 'til morning.
  8. One of my mates keeps falling asleep on our TS server, so it gave me an idea. He's away atm so he hasn't seen it. But i'm sure he'll be pissed when he does.
  9. Thanks for the welcomes so far guys. if any of you guys are still following this thread (or even if you are viewing this for the first time) check out the links on my profile feed so you can view the work i have already started posting.
  10. CAAAAKKE!! Well here's another drawing from me. I have a Wacom on the way but with Australian customs it could get to me sometime between 2-5 weeks. So colour is still sometime off. EDIT: Had to do an update. forgot a couple of lines. OOPS!
  11. My scenes are slowly getting better. And my drawing is getting quicker. 2hrs work that time Give me 2-3 weeks and i'll start putting colour into these
  12. Pilot Light trying to defy gravity. If anyone has pointers on how to draw the foal wing flap it would be a huge help (I personally don't think they look right). EDIT: i just realised i for got his nostril *FACEPALM* Also I need some poses ideas for both brothers.
  13. As promised in my welcome page, i present my first works. I'm looking for some guidence, so constrctive criticism would be much appreciated. When i'm happy with the size and shape i WILL be colouring these.
  14. G'day all. GreyMatter here Started watching the show a few months back, It helped me massively thru a bad case of depression. I have now got back into my drawing and graphic design, so much so that one of my mates reckoned i should post my work here. I hope to have some work up shortly. Well that's about all for now, Hope to see you guys around Hooroo Grey
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