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  1. I agree it might be based on Canada. Or north america... usually I thought it was based on England scotland or ireland
  2. What if the villan is a god or goddess from tartarus and she or he is seeking to destroy equestria and he or she raises up a army from tartarus. Or he or she could of heard about the the princesses and twilight.... or what if the villan is starswirled the bearded who ascended as a God in tartarus...
  3. This was a great episode, I loved the tree of harmony and what it played discord was awesome and funny, i hope we.get to learn more about the tree of harmony, and the mysterious box
  4. everything has a dark side, no matter how nice you are, possibly luna kept her power hidden from celestia, i dont think sombra is connected to luna nmm, however in luna eclipsed, she could turn into nightmare moon, so who knows
  5. when i first watched the show it was fluttershy, and still it is fluttershy, now i have princess luna i do love the night and the moon
  6. i would go and make all of the mane six laugh, go to celestia's castle. talk to her about the enemys that she fought 1000 years ago go to princess luna and hang with her, take pictures and find out whos behind all of this evil
  7. i think its rarity because she seems the most mature, and is a fashion designer or if you count equestria girls maybe they are teenagers and their rules are alittle different than ours
  8. i loved the movie, but i wish they actually did a fim movie one that will connect to the show, maybe for the series finale, the return of starswirl the elements not working and scattered
  9. hmm this seems like a good topic and theory, as to why the other ponies couldn't go with twilight, i think it was because the main five would of caused a disturbance in the space time and would of destroyed the two worlds, but its just me
  10. maybe its up to you, you have twilight sparkle and rainbow dash my guess is yes, maybe they do have last names maybe they just love to be named their nicnames
  11. i do hope she still keeps her wings, she looks great with them, and i do hope whatever is causing all of this evil in their world dies down, i hope we have more reformed villans and more history about equestria, who knows maybe celestia and luna's father could be the one behind the evil, and maybe starswirl is alive
  12. i would mostly say that i act like rainbow dash, maybe luna as well and also pinkie pie, im loyal to my friends, and im also funny, but luna maybe i have that calmness and being misunderstood
  13. im just wondering do you think she Will leave or do you think she will stay or do you think she will become a transformation only for important reasons
  14. thank you all for welcoming me here and thank you for being nice
  15. justinjamal

    Hi Everypony. :3

    hello welcome to the mlp forums, i hope you have a nice welcome to all of the bronys and pegasisters here
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