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  1. Hmmmm... I'd have to go with most CoD games after MW2, not necessarily because they're terrible, but because they represent the whole dumbing down of the FPS genre and the annoying modern shooter trend that's been going on since 2009. Seriously, would it kill a major developer to make a game set in WWII, WWI, or the Korean war?
  2. I actually got around to commenting on one TCB fic, and gave the author, Chatoyance my two cents worth. She called me a serial killer when I mentioned that the ponification potion was basically mind rape. These are a few snippets from her response: You're right. There's no point in trying to police the fanbase. I tried to do that for a while last year, and it didn't work out very well for me . It's best to just leave the nutjobs alone.
  3. And not just that. She relentlessly stereotypes people as savage, irrational, soulless monsters and claims that its an accurate portrayal of mankind. Ive actually gotten into a pleasant discussion with Chatty on that matter, which ended with me being blocked from her fimfiction page for "trolling". Also, she thinks season 2 is non canon because it dares to imply that ponies can be mean to each other too, and that her twisted headcanon Equestria is closer to Faust's " original vision" of the show.
  4. I've read several of Chatoyance's uber-misanthropic TCB fics just for the hell of it, and I don't know whether to cringe, facepalm, or outright scream in disgust. The Big Respawn and Ten Minutes:Aftermath are by far the worst, IMHO.
  5. Many irresponsible parents buy their 6-12 year olds M rated games because they just want their kid to shut up and leave them alone. The parents basically use the games as babysitters while they go off and do their things. Meanwhile, the kids often end up cussing out other players online and in get the wrong impression of what war is like. Kids like this also end up creating negative stereoypes for certain communities of the games. This has happened happened with the Halo community and the CoD community. Eventually, older players end up getting verbally attacked by people who say things like "You play Halo? Halo is for little kids!" and other stupid shit. So essentially, irresponsible parents and obnoxious kids and are ruining the online communities and genereal experience of certain games.
  6. I despise fedoras because they are the headwear of choice for neckbeards, losers who think they're cool, or just douchebags in general. The only way to make a fedora look classy is to wear it with a suit, which no one does anymore.
  7. Right now the thing that I absolutely hate the most is internet data caps.They're just a giant overcharging scheme for big telecom companies to use to charge more for inferior services! The worst part is that they want us to believe that it helps solve "bandwidth abuse" even when research proves that these caps don't. Data caps are also the reason why my internet is <128 kbps right now, and music streaming and YouTube videos are blocked, in order to "save bandwidth" (I call bullshit on that). You guys have no idea how much I want to strangle the greedy bastard who came up with such a diabolical idea.
  8. If it's one music genre I can't stand, it's that pop-country crap that they play on the radio. It all sounds the same: fake-sounding southern accents and the same cliches being used over and over again. All I hear are songs about "family values", "redneck living", sappy ballads about "Jesus taking the wheel" and such, partying, going to church, women commiting first-degree murder because their husbands cheated on them,and worst of all, those flag-waving nationalist anthems preaching "GAWD BLESS 'MURICA!" jingoism (Courtesy of the Red White and Blue being one example). All country music has become are these shitty cliches and stereotypes! It's basically pop music for right wing nutjobs and soccer moms. I probably wouldn't hate this shit music as much as I do if I wasn't forced to listen to it every goddamn day! It's everywhere: on the bus I take to my high school, in certain stores, and worst of all my family frequently plays it in the car. It just never ends. I also hate most dubstep, any boy band or Disney pop star, hip-hop, screamo, and Mexican tejano music (I live in Central California, and when people aren't blasting pop-country, they're blasting tejano music or hip-hop) End of rant.
  9. I find R63 ponies to be a bit disturbing, but I'm okay with them. And just for the record, pony R63 is a hell of a lot better than pony R34
  10. My jimmies now rustle constantly thanks to: - The Brony fandom. I'm deeply disturbed, but at the same time, drawn in by it. -Fucking iPhones. I can't understand the logic behind paying $300 for a mediocre smartphone that does the exact same crap as a $100 Android. -Christmas sales that start 2 months before Halloween. (Seriously, retailers, give Halloween a chance!) - Algebra. Sense. It makes none. - People who shout "hump day!" on Wednesday. It was funny at first, but now it's starting to piss me off. - Mall ninjas. - The elitists in the airsoft community who look down upon those who use spring guns and have backyard wars (that are actually fun), while they only use $300 M4 clones, dress up in army attire, only play in designated fields, and treat airsoft like it's serious fucking business. - People who wear meme shirts in real life. Memes should stay on the internet, where they belong - fake nerds/gamer gurls - Fedora wearers.
  11. One scene from the Syfy channel original movie Giant Shark vs Mega Octopus (or was it Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus?) comes to mind. While the entire movie was cheesy in its own right, the scene where the giant shark bites a 747 out of the air was by far the worst scene from any movie that I've ever scene. And I've seen some pretty damn terrible movies, too. Have a look at Syfy's amazing, skilled actors, and jaw-dropping special effects for yourself:
  12. What gets me angry? Fox News Liberals Conservatives People who support communist regimes and think they're all edgy and badass Tumblr social justice warriors White trash/ rednecks My Internet "service" provider Obnoxious bronies Awkward spaghetti bronies "9gag" bronies 10-12 year olds who constantly bring up memes in real life Juggalos Sluts Corporate apologists PC elitists Cloppers (sometimes) Airsoft elitists Those circlejerking "sane" bronies People who think fedoras/trillbys are cool I'm sure that there are way more things that piss me off than that, but those were all I could think of at the moment.
  13. No, it's not "racist" to be against 2 vastly different species being in a sexual relationship. I think that all the "sexual misanthropes" who hate humans (..."human girls keep friendzoning me!"), edgy losers, and any other miscreants who would want to have intercourse with a pony (sapient or not) aren't right in the head. While it may be a bit creepy for a human to like a humanoid species (elves, Klingons, or whatnot), at least that person's attraction to that said species would be somewhat understandable, since they look somewhat similar to us. But wanting to fuck ponies is crossing a line that was never meant to be crossed. There's a huge list of reasons why in this thread, and all of them are very valid. But some people just can't handle being told "no", and that's where you get idiots screaming "prejudice!" every time someone disagrees with their horsefucking perversion.
  14. CoD 5 and CoD 4 were by far the best. They both had great storylines, fun multiplayer (which is sadly overrun with hackers now and has much fewer players online), and introduced us to some now-famous characters. But after 2008, the series went downhill. MW2 Had a decent campaign, but has horribly unbalanced weapons in MP and a less-than-exciting bonus spec ops mode. Also why are the Russians in the campaign using either weapons that Russia stopped producing 30 years ago (AK47, RPG-7, RPD, etc.) or weapons that are produced exclusively by NATO countries? That never made much sense to me. Black Ops had a lot of plot holes in its campaign (just how do those magic numbers work, anyway??), horribly anachronistic weapons with incorrect firing rates, and of course, the dreaded rc-xd in multiplayer. The only reason why I kept that game was for the zombies. MW3 should have just been called Modern Warfare 2.5 for obvious reasons. Black Ops 2 was an improvement. Its campaign is good, its multiplayer is okay (it has its issues though), but its zombie maps are either horribly overcomplicated and over-the-top (Tranzit, Origins), or simple and boring (Nuketown Zombies, Transit stops). Buried was pretty good, though. CoD: Ghosts just looks like another cliche modern/near future FPS game that revolves around US special forces. Totally hasn't been done before, guys! Hopefully, the developers will realize that they need to put more effort into their games, but that probably won't happen until CoD game sales go down significantly. Until then, Call of Duty will continue being the Guitar Hero of the FPS genre: Same shit, different year.