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  2. One more thing: I rewatched both episodes last night from a European DVD that is mastered at 25 frames per second, with the audio track running at about 4% faster than the source and NTSC counterparts. This means that all audio is pitched up by nearly a semitone. For instance, The Ballad of the Crystal Empire is shifted to sound much closer to Db major than C major. Maybe it's just me but I think this improves just about all the musical numbers, including the background music heard during the crystal heart's reinstatement. All of it feels bolder, more serious, more 'awe-inspiring'. Not qu
  3. This set of episodes makes more sense when The Crystal Empire is an allegory for a person's inner world, and King Sombra is an evil force, at one point enslaving their thoughts but continuing as a burned-in spirit on the periphery of a person's mind that just won't bugger off. In this context, the villain does not need a meticulously defined personality, because what the villain's fighting for will be different for everyone, all that's needed is to capture the mood. And I have experienced just such a thing over a very long period of time, well into adulthood, so I'm heavily biased in favo
  4. So I first watched this video a month ago...hence my very late showing in this thread. Jenny's script is obviously written to be entertaining...occasionally at the expense of accuracy, and TBH it is a fun video, which it kinda has to be for something more than an hour long that non-bronies might watch. Most organisers of the bigger cons were furries, that's true, but she implies at various points that nearly all cloppers were furries as well, which kinda rings false. Some of them might have been drawing from the anime fandom's sexual content aspect if they were part of that sphere of infl
  5. I've always liked the G4 and movie animation styles. I stopped watching the show in 2015, mainly due to elements that made the whole production firmly a children's show, namely rather simple story writing and high-pitched or childish voice acting and sound effects. Assuming that hasn't changed much in the years since, no matter what they do to the animation for G5, it's not going to interest me.
  6. Paianni

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    Congrats for reaching 500k. Wish I was there to witness it since I've been lurking since post 104. 500,170
  7. Paianni

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    498,254 500k on October 10? That would be 100% cool.
  8. G4 was for <6 years? I doubt kids younger than that could understand most of FiM's dialogue. That age bracket is dominated by the likes of Dora. Even six years is a bit of a stretch, maybe nine years is about right.
  9. I would go if it's animated in the style of Animal Logic's Happy Feet and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. If it isn't, I'm afraid it won't mean much to me, given that the story won't mean anything more to older audiences than the 2017 film did, and that the franchise's commercial performance won't be swayed by quality much.
  10. Someone posted a sample or two. The show was animated at 24fps (with background audio synchronised with this frame rate), so broadcasts at 25fps in 'PAL' territories necessitate audio speedup by about 4%. The DVDs are made from the broadcast masters.
  11. This year is a somewhat interesting for the old FiM show in general as Hasbro and its various distributors begin the transition to the next series. All of the back catalogue through Season 8 has had a physical release at least somewhere around the world, and while there's still a fair amount of information to be found about them online, I want to document them as thoroughly as possible, as the iTunes and Netflix availability might not last the rest of this half-century. The Region 1 DVD sets are a known quantity so I've focused on Regions 2 and 4 so far. One discovery is that Bats! is unavai
  12. Paianni

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    That was made by tjtreece in early 2013, long-since deactivated their deviantart account. Very nice, I'm tempted to use it as my avatar, but I won't.
  13. Paianni

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    495,504 I just multiply the page number by 25 and you get the number of posts up to the end of a given page, which for 19,820 is 495,500 and then it's a snip.
  14. Paianni

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    495,502 I think we were thrown off at some point, I believe this is the correct number for this post.
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