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  1. Very few households could afford Laserdisc when it was current, even less bought into it. By the time I was born, Betamax had been shunned for a decade. People with niche interests in say, the original Star Wars trilogy will have a reason to buy into the Laserdisc, but the rest of the world has moved on.
  2. Incidentally I maintain a gallery of various old screenshots from the past six years:
  3. 433,048 Dawnchaser made us 1,000 posts further away from 1m.
  4. The weight of an argument is not based on the number of voices it carries. Also, one does not have to be doing shady things to benefit from secure hardware and software. The latest privilege escalation vulnerability in IME (CVE-2017-5689) allowed keylogging from intruders, so they could monitor anything that was typed into affected machines. I don't think I need to elaborate on the ramifications of that symptom. If I want to spend upwards of £1,000 on a performance workstation then I don't want it to be unusable in ten years if IME or PSP hardware becomes untouchable.
  5. I will assume you meant "And what exactly are the ways AMD or Intel would change your mind?" because I have no idea how to answer the original question. I commented earlier on in the post about IME (Intel Management Engine) and PSP (Platform Secure Processor), which are remote management firmware blobs that run on secondary processors within the CPU and chipsets, have access to network interfaces and are considered to be a huge security/privacy risk as a result. Intel has had this in everything since Nehalem, and AMD has had this in everything since Excavator, and neither company seems interested in reverting these developments so the build I have just completed is my final x86 build. Now, on an unrelated note, I went for chip much older than even Steamroller, and the simple reason is that I couldn't get any of my Piledriver chips to work on my board for whatever reason. The upshot is that the 4180 is a true hexa-core, which AMD wouldn't produce again until Ryzen thanks to the Bulldozer experiment. Lisbon's architecture is similar to the one used in the Phenom II, and most software is probably better optimised for it than its immediate successors.
  6. After almost a year of work I completed this build: Asus KCMA-D8 1 x AMD Opteron 4180 (I can add a second if I want to) cooled by Noctua 32GB dual rank RAM AMD FirePro V5900 CMI8768 PCI audio - has SPDIF in and out Kingston KC400 512GB SSD 2 x WD Black 4TB HDDs LG Blu-ray burner - can do M-Discs and BDXL Old IDE DVD burner, has an analog audio out which I've hooked up to my sound card, and it is served by a PCI IDE controller Wrapping things up are eSATAp and USB 2.0 brackets, and a USB 3.0 PCIe controller. All this looks very antiquated for 2017 but there is a method to my madness; I wanted parts that were both reasonably secure (no PSP, IME or SMU exploits) and would be compatible with my target platform, OpenBSD. Yes, the one with a pufferfish as their mascot, where every release comes with at least one song. My implementation is dressed in Xfce + the stock theme and icons. The predecessor to this system is a ThinkPad T510, so I don't feel I'm downgrading, and that thing will continue faithful service at work and college. I may change that to OpenBSD as well if I can figure out LTE modem configuration... What will the future bring? Well, this will be my final x86-based build for my personal use, unless AMD or Intel change their ways, or VIA retains their coveted license past 2018. I'm keeping an eye on other architectures to see what would serve me well a decade from now.
  7. I'm sure this film will get syndication, and therefore will make money from being aired across many channels in the same way the show is. The box office isn't everything. And hey, I think anyone who discovers it that way, if they end up watching it with their children or whatever, will find it surpasses their expectations comfortably. This film will keep the fandom healthy for a while.
  8. Android comes out on top due to its ubiquity, there's not much sense to be made by venturing to smaller ecosystems and in general, the devices offer the user a reasonable amount of freedom in terms of unlocked bootloaders and such. If you want a small phone however, no one does it better than Apple (iPhone SE) unfortunately, all the Android options are either cheaply made, have low-res displays, have poor internals or have poor support from the custom ROM community.