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  1. harmonyplus

    Gaming Favorite Kirby Copy Ability

    Ghost Kirby for the win! It's so much fun! I also like animal kirby. And beam kirby! Fighter Kirby is awesome (especially in Squeak Squad) Yup
  2. Hmmm... This is easy. I choose sink water. Bottled water always tastes like plastic and it's really nasty. Also, bottled water makes garbage. Yep.
  3. I choose you, Deoxys! Seriously, that thing is awesome! I got it in an event in Black 2, I was so happy when I got it! It has 4 forms, it's legendary, it can shapeshift (sorta) AND it comes from SPACE!
  4. Well, I'm sure you're good friend with discorded Fluttershy. Also, any tips on trolling?
  5. Dear the Princess, It's okay, I got a feather pen. Have you ever met Surprise, the Wonderbolt/concept for Pinkie Pie? Also, your thoughts on Pinkie Pie? Bye
  6. harmonyplus

    Post your joke OCs!

    I like the story. EETS PERFECT! 123348098/10
  7. harmonyplus

    Post your joke OCs!

    OH GOD! All of these deserve to be on Bad Pony OCs blog. Bob's hilarious.
  8. harmonyplus

    Ask Zecora!

    Zecora, Can you troll? If you stepped in poison joke, what do you think would happen?
  9. Hello. The Princess pony with wings and a horn and sparkly hair, What's your favourite pokemon? Bye. PS. Can I borrow a pencil?
  10. Compass was rather scared, but not that surprised. "Well, okay. You know, it said in your application sheets that you had some injuries. I should of guessed that's what the mask and goggles where for." Compass then turned towards Plague. "The poison from that thorn could still have effects of him, you know. Do you know any about anything that could help?" she asked in a serious manner.
  11. ((OOC: Oh, I'm so sorry! It happened again! That was still me posting, not my sister. I wish I was a bit more careful...)) ( I still have a ton of room left, so can I ask a question? How can I improve my roleplaying? Is it good enough as it is? What do you recommend I try doing?)
  12. Compass ran to where all the noise was. There was Plauge and Gearbox. Gearbox was lying on the ground, soaking wet. Compass noticed a small, purple thorn in his side. Her eyes widened and she yelled at the top of her lungs, "Oh, for Celestia's sake! He has a Tanma thorn sticking out of him!" A Tanma thorn was the thorn of a plant thought to be extinct. These thorns always had very powerful poisons on them that could cause many different problems to equines. She watched in suspense, along with the rest of the "crowd" as Plauge Doctor carefully took it out.
  13. The Fairy types are coming!

  14. (OOC: Oh... oops. Sorry. My sister and I share the computer sometines and I didn't notice it was logged on her account. What do I do, leave it like this? She doesn't know, she's busy watching Youtube on her tablet. But still, that was me posting. The post still counts, right? I didn't mean to hack...)
  15. Compass smiled. "Chee, thanks. I've never been the one to stay up late. Make sure to wake me up if something happen. I don't want to be the pony left on the sinking Coltanic. Compass grabbed a large leaf from outside, levitated it on to the floor, and attempted to fall asleep, with plenty of success.
  16. Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes! (Ha-ha, punny joke.)

  17. Compass nodded. " Hmm. Maybe you do have a point. On the other hand, it might wake up when our guard is down and eat us." she responded. "Or maybe just the soup." She added, for no apparent reason. Compass suddendly noticed something very odd. She, and everypony else had dust on them that came from the cave. She knew that the rocks that make up caves on sea level in Equestria are not dusty. "Uh, guys. Have you noticed the amount of dust in this cave? It's not supposed to be that way, we're on sea level and the air is too humid. It must be another one of those weird things. " "Or maybe
  18. Compass awoke from her "trance". "I agree with Selune." she mumbled drowsiliy. "Plauge? Is this the end of the cave, or is there more?" Compass hit herself on the head a few more times before continuing. "If there is more to this cave, there's a chance something, or some pony is there, and may get angry at us."
  19. Rainbow Dash? Oh shi...*Boom* Also, my avatar is not a compass! It's the cutie mark of my OC. So it's a close-up butt tattoo photo.
  20. I'd be a female unicorn. FOR THE MAGICS! I wouldn't be a human because I might get locked up. Humans could destroy Equestria, you know. Plus, I'd be lonely.
  21. Um... I don't think I should be near these things. I might eat her, and then I'd feel guilty. But... I sure do love cheetos... (I just drooled myself a river. Cheetos...)
  22. What's a "fifth wall?"

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      A poor attempt at putting a leash on Pinkie.

  23. Compass was very tired. She hadn't noticed it before but now it was the only thing she could think of. She was unsure if she was needed for anything, so she asked: "Is there anything I can do to help? I'm really tired though, and I don't think we managed to bring any coffee beans to shore."
  24. I love a fanfic that makes you laugh. Fourth Wall breaking and a good joke are always something I can go for. Adventure is good too but I preffer comedy.
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