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  1. So a while ago, I was messing around with a few different competitive Pokemon strategies and me being the pony fan that I am, a sudden thought popped into my head: "hey... how would the ponies hold up against Pokemon in a fight?" So I decided to make these. I posted something like this once before on here a while ago but now I've made EVERYTHING. From leveling up movements to something small like catch rate (although, some of the stuff I don't have right now because it's on a different computer). But anyway, since there's way too much text to post at one time, I'll post them one pony at a time
  2. I added you on Skype.

  3. I HOPE the United States win it but I'm EXPECTING Brazil to win.
  4. Zephyrspark
  5. I feel like I need more friends to talk to so here's my Skype username vvblitzvv I play Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 a lot and have a fair interest in Pokemon. Though I might be getting a summer job VERY soon and combined with summer school, I might have no time to talk. Just a heads up.
  6. Well no one here probably saw my thread reguarding this topic but I find it funny that a few months after I said something about finishing Fighting is Magic for Mane 6 that it got released to the web with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash being playable characters. Anyone else find that interesting?
  7. Nu uh. Seriously? Please tell me that you're not kidding around here... do you think you can link me to a thread or something like that? I'm kinda finding that a bit hard to believe. No offense to you, it's just earliar today, when I was so set on finishing it, I learned that it was going to be exponentially harder than I thought. I came in here thinking my idea was a longshot anyway. You don't have anything to appologise for.
  8. This is probably a stupid and dangerous idea. I KNOW it's a stupid and dangerous idea. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if this thread got taken down or something... but I really need to get this off my chest so I'm just going to say it right now. I want to finish the game Fighting is Magic. Yea a lot of you guys think I'm crazy now. You're probably thinking something along the lines of "this guy is insane. It will never work." But please just hear me out. At least try and understand. First off, if you don't know what Fighting is Magic is, it was a My Little Pony fanmade game that had
  9. Well Pinkie Pie is Pinkie Pie. She doesn't count because she can defy the laws of physics at will lol And anyway, Rainbow Dash's speed goes WAY past the speed of sound. Her top speed I'm assuming goes past ten times, in fact.
  10. Well clearly something is different about the physics of flying in the ponyverse. I think either Rainbow Dash is resistant to G force (possibly due to the amount of hours she has spent flying) or the G force has been greatly weakened. Most likely both.
  11. We've all seen it. Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom. Most of us have also seen (or at least heard of) the MLP physics presentation video. Specifically the part where he notes Rainbow Dash's speed to be roughly Mach 10. So it would seem like that Mach 10 is her top speed... right? WRONG! Rainbow Dash's speed was calculated while she was flying at a downward angle. That was the second time she preformed the sonic rainboom. But think about this. The third time she preformed it was straight upwards or AGAINST THE FORCE OF GRAVITY. Not only that, but also note that she shows absolutely no signs o
  12. I know they seem strange but there's a reason. Fluttershy is scared of dragons and yet she can hold her own against them if she needs to (as proven in Dragonshy). Seems to match perfectly with the dragon element if you ask me. As for Pinkie Pie and Rarity (since you may be wondering about them too) Pinkie Pie's... Well... Pinkie Pie. That element pairing is completely crazy and yet makes perfect sense just like Pinkie Pie herself. Why, you may ask? Three words only: "Pinkie Sense" and "Pinkamena". Rarity on the other hand... I got that element pairing off a fanfic I read. I can't remember the
  13. Just as the title says. I had Pokemon and My Little Pony on my mind at the same time and decided to give the Mane 6 pokemon stats and a moveset. I think it turned out okay if I do say so myself. All ponies have a base stat total of around the mid 500s and can be considered to be of the OU tier. Species (Pony) Element 1/Element 2 Primary Ability/Secondary Ability ((Dream World Ability)) Base HP Base Atk Base Def Base Sp Atk Base Sp Def Base Spd -Moves Purpose Twilight Psychic Magic Bounce/Forewarn ((Flame Body)) HP 90 Atk 55 Def 75 Sp Atk 135 Sp Def 1
  14. Zephyrspark

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    You hit yourself with the ban hammer... you should be more careful
  15. ...what? What's with the skeptical look? Oh, the topic title? Well you could have easilly ignored the meshed up words... alright no you couldn't. Nevermind. Anyways... Hi! I'm Zephyrspark! I'm nowhere NEAR new to the brony fandom since I joined shortly after season 1 ended but this is my first forums website that's purely for bronies... I think? I actually have no idea. I'm a musician but you won't find any of my work on youtube since I haven't even made anything... mostly because I have no idea how to install a music system on my computer. I'm not only into ponies. I also love D
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