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    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

  2. I wrote and recently performed this comedy love song. The humour in it relies almost exclusively on Star Trek: The Next Generation references, so if you're a TNG fan you should get all the jokes and hopefully enjoy it! I'm going to get some musician friends to help me record a full band version with drums and electric guitar but before I go ahead with that I want to see how people like it.
  3. Critiquing from a "kids show" point of view, this was a very fresh and important take on a classic moral story. We've all heard the story of two people or groups who have been fighting and holding a grudge for so long that they've forgotten what it's about, and everything gets better when they realize that friendship is better for them than fighting. What was different about this version of that story was the presence of a third party affected by the fight - the animals. This is the first time I've ever seen this type of story (when it's being told for kids) take into account the innocent
  4. I was just going to post this. I love the fact that The Smooze was in the jar. Very nice touch.
  5. Twilight is the Princess of Friendship. She was chosen for that title because she is good at making friends. I wasn't surprised at all when Sassy said Twi is the most popular princess. Good at making friends=having lots of friends=popularity.
  6. Twilight in an Iron Pony suit! It makes perfect sense because she's an overachieving scientist like Tony Stark. And Pinkie Pie as Deadpool.
  7. I love how outspoken and completely opposite to his regular self Big Mac was when he was in disguise. This, coupled with his involvement in the Ponytones is giving me the head canon that Big Mac is one of those introvert performers. People who act, sing, do stand up, or whatever are generally thought of as outgoing or extroverted. Some believe that it is impossible to be a performer without having an outgoing personality. But there are also those performers who are pretty introverted off stage. They keep most of their feelings close to the vest and spend a lot of time alone, then use their tim
  8. I take it as a sign of the changing times. MLP was created with the intention of giving gender constructs the boot. Maybe Big Mac isn't acting "feminine" for the lols because he is generally very "masculine". Maybe the writers are saying that "feminine" behaviours don't have to be just for girls. Maybe the writers think that liking dolls and wearing tiaras can actually be "masculine". Or maybe the writers are saying that "masculinity" and "femininity" don't actually exist and are concepts humans made up and that they should be smashed in the name of Truth. Maybe.
  9. I actually kind of like it when parents of main characters aren't much of a factor in a show. I wouldn't mind seeing the mane six's parents more just for the sake of backstory and insight into the worlds of Twilight and co, but if the pony parents started to get too much screen time and development, it would detract from the "mainness" of the mane six for me. In my mind, the mane six are young adults and as such they have probably only moved away from home relatively recently. Say, two or three years before the onset of the show's timeline. That's a time in a character's life when I want to se
  10. I like this theory. I wonder if some of the tools in the human world were also inspired on a subconscious level by inhabitants of the pony dimension. Of course because of the boring real reason you mentioned, it will be hard to find items designed for hoofs in the human world so all I can think of at the moment is saddles. I saw a post recently that wondered why saddles exist in Equestria. The general consencious was fashion. Now I'm thinking that saddles were invented by ponies for fashion and their human counterparts interpreted the design for the purpose of riding animals. And perhaps c
  11. I liked the way Rarity's mane looked when it was raining on her in Manehattan. I don't know if that counts as a mane style, but I like.
  12. Perhaps certain parts of Equestria and the rest of the planet (if Equestria is indeed located on a planet) need to be generally colder or warmer than others in order to maintain weather systems. If I'm not mistaken, the Pegasi seem to deal mainly if not exclusively in precipitation and wind. They don't necessarily control other aspects of the weather like temperature. Maybe the Crystal Empire needs to be cold all the time so that the Pegasi have a place from which to blow cold air in when they need to make winter happen. If the Crystal Empire is anything like our arctic and sub-arctic, they wo
  13. I always figured when Twilight tries to fix something with magic and screws it up, the point from a writing standpoint is to eliminate magic as a solution so that the plot can move on to a more interesting solution/friendship lesson. It's more interesting to show magic not working than to have a scene where Twilight explains how she has considered using magic and decided against it, listing the reasons why. I remember in Magical Mystery Cure when Spike suggested a bunch of spells that might fix the problem and Twilight kept on dismissing them because the episode didn't have time to actually sh
  14. I saw one person wearing a 20% Cooler shirt with a picture of Rainbow Dash on it before I was even aware of the show. I had never heard of bronies and I didn't even know that there was a G4 yet. Since the pony on his shirt looked nothing like the style of My Little Pony I was familiar with, I didn't think it had anything to do with MLP. Since RD is a rainbow pony, I just thought it was a gay pride shirt but I wondered what the "20% Cooler" was all about. A few months later I heard about FIM via a call for voice actors who could mimic characters from the show for a fan video. I was looking up c
  15. I like the thought put into not hurting feelings, but if everyone were made to look just like Celestia, that could make Celestia look like narcissistic tyrant who wants everyone to look like her. It could cause the ponies to lose faith in her ability to lead Equestria in the best interests of the people and might cause a revolt. Then again, it would probably get changed back to normal just as soon as Celestia sobered up so I'm sure it wouldn't come to war before everything was fixed.
  16. I watched the original show when I was a kid and FIM gives me no nostalgia at all. They are two very different shows. I also find FIM to be quite different overall from the shows I watched as a kid. It's better than a lot of them and it's an example of some of the positive changes in children's programming that are starting to take hold today. The only time I feel nostalgic watching FIM is when a character makes a weird face and it reminds me of Ren and Stimpy or the early days of Internet Flash cartoons.
  17. I'm not sure about the cilantro, but strawberry cinnamon sounds pretty good! I would try one and who knows, I might like it. I would tell her if I didn't like it. I don't think she would be mad since she herself said they were bad. Now I'm thinking of trying to make strawberry cinnamon cupcakes with optional cilantro frosting.
  18. I'm glad ponies are back! But I am stuck on that pony at the end. People are debating whether or not her presence was meant to make a joke out of fat people, but my first thought when I saw her was "That has to be some kind of obscure reference that I'm not getting". I assumed it was another nod to some piece of fan work I wasn't aware of, but so far no one has identified her as having existed in the fandom before. So she must be some pop culture reference we just aren't getting. A few people in this thread have compared her to Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I don't know much abo
  19. That's a really good observation, I can't believe I never thought of that. I definitely think he'll get over it now. Spike hasn't hit puberty yet so he doesn't really know what lust or romantic love for another person is. Since he's projecting his love of gems onto Rarity, he'll get over it just as soon as he starts to feel real crushy feelings for someone he is actually attracted to. That person will probably be a dragon since so far in this universe it seems that the characters mate exclusively within their own species. Edit: I don't know if he'll get over her within the course of the show
  20. I think Applejack will only keep secrets that she knows aren't going to hurt anyone, like Pinkie's party. If there was a situation where keeping a secret for one of her friends would hurt another of her friends, she would probably tell the truth, even if it meant being disloyal to the friend who was trying to keep the secret. In a situation where a friend asked her to keep a secret and keeping it wouldn't hurt anyone, she would probably keep it. And if keeping the secret would help to save someone from unnecessary pain, then she would definitely keep it. Like if Spike's crush on Rarity wasn't
  21. I can't think of a better reason than similar talents for most of the background ponies. As for the stallions in Rarity's part of the song, that was kind of a dream sequence so it doesn't have to make sense. I would think of it like a dream sequence in an old cartoon where there is a chorus line of dancing girls who all look exactly the same.
  22. This is a pretty interesting idea. It could suggest that a kind of reincarnation exists in Equestria. If a cutie mark has the ability to exist without being visible, then maybe a cutie mark can exist for a short time without a pony to stamp onto. Perhaps cutie marks retain the memories of a pony after he or she passes away, then the mark acts kind of like a soul and finds a new foal to incarnate in. The memories of the past ponies are carried on to future generations but instead of giving their new ponies a conscious memory of the past, the cutie mark manifests the old memories subconsciously
  23. I'd like to see an episode that teaches the friendship lesson that boys and girls can be good friends without romantic implications. This isn't always the case, but I find that in lots of fiction if a male and female character who aren't related form a close bond, they have to get romantic tension and eventually fall in love or at least crush on each other. In real life too, people always seem to believe that when a pair of best friends are of the opposite sex they simply must be destined to get romantic. It sets up a standard expectation that gets in the way of a lot of what could be meaningf
  24. For all those people looking for a Celestia episode, this is a nice fan fic I read a while back that might sate your appetites until you get something canon. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/20685/sunny-skies-all-day-long The comics also did some stories focusing on Celestia's past.
  25. They do learn other things. Twilight has been shown studying comets, astronomy, history, and chemistry and it's heavily implied that she studies every other subject you can think of as well. She was always Proncess Celestia's protegé student but she seemed to be attending some sort of college in Canterlot at the same time. Moon Dancer mentions a long list of subjects that she is studying in the library scene in "Amending Fences". The CMC are studying mechanics, potions (ie: chemistry), and magic under the tutelage of Twilight, Rainbow Dash attends flight school, and through Family Appreciation
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