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  1. Welcome! You'll find that every pony is very lovely, and it is a troll free environment. Ponies will help you all over. When I was blank flank, I got immediately set up by darryshan. Being a bronie is really fun here
  2. Hi guys, I haven't been on the forum for at least 3 months, , sorry. But this is my first topic, I really just wanted to get this out there. For the record, EG, was disappointing to me when I watched it. I know a lot of people are saying it was really better than I though, it wasn't so bad, ect, ect. I just thought it was really unnecessary, because it basically just teaches us the same lesson. And the whole time it was going, bronies! Look - Rainbow Dash does the "so cool face ! OOoh- The Great and Powerful Trixie wants food!! Does that make up for this pointless movie? Anyways, that's not why I'm writing this. I'm writing this because something really, really annoyed me during the "We're all the same" song. Very quickly, Applejack rips off Vinyl's glasses. Then they move on immediately. Just for the record, when Vinyl's glasses came off at the royal wedding, I didn't care at all. It didn't matter to me. Unsubstantial. But, broines were in a rage. Hasbro knew it. SO WHY DID THEY DIRECTLY SHOVE IT IN OUR FACES DURING WHAT WAS THOUGHT TO BE A TERRIBLE MOVIE? Everyone has their own ideas, I don't want to offend anyone, but I wanted to get this out there. I believe this is Hasbro's or the creator's way of bitch slapping us.
  3. I would like to be added as well. Can you use my profile picture, or do you need the the original pose, body, and black background?
  4. Okay, bare with me. Notice how the CMC's flanks are covered up party with the curtain? That's because the show didn't want to reveal their cutiemarks yet. WHAT??? How can they already have their cutiemarks, you may ask, and not in the next few billion episodes. When Scootaloo is able to fly, and Sweetie Bell can do magic, Sweetie takes them all back in time, figuring out that that is their talents. Trying to stop events and preventing things from happening. they all have marks like Dr.Whooves. Of course when they try to prevent Nightmare Moon from ever taking over the town she overpowers them. That's how they all know each other then, and not later on. It was really just the future versions of themselves.
  5. More brony themed epsiodes DERPY!!!!!!!! - I would like to share my theory on Derpy coming back real quick: What if that wink she did in the finale was a "I'm baaack!!" JUST BRING HER BAAACK!!!! I MADE MUFFINS FOR THE OCCASION!!!
  6. Also to take into note that RD was trying to avoid her at the beginning of the series and didn't take her quite seriously. It might be possible that Pinkie is most sensitive around "Dashie" but I can't be sure.
  7. I like the fact that the show is going "Twilight already learned to stay calm twice, lets let it actually show" I think it's good how they let her finally move on especially since she becomes an alicorn not soon after and they failed to do this with Fluttershy.
  8. Ear Bud Record Blast Moon Song Wish Mixer Starlight Step or just Star Step Melody It might help if you gave her a little personality to go off from.
  9. I really, really want pictures. I wonder if this means they are gonna have the clothing too? It would be nice if they put the gala dresses. Could this mean more men/ older women coming in for plushies? Because I totally would. Can't find anywhere that sells plushies!!!
  10. I'm so eager to see this, not because I think it will be particularly good, but just because it seems so - interesting! Does anyone know the release date? Well, technically the show hasn't come out yet, so it might be good. You can't yet know if the only good thing about it is it's parodies. It Probably won't be good, but aren't bronies supposed to be open minded?
  11. The whole time, I just like 'Red Bull gives you wings" So yeah. She's alicorn. No big deal for me, nothing really to say about it. I love this episode, especially the part when they were singing "A True, True Friend" and the towns people yelled Pinkie!!!
  12. As I said in the last episode thread, these two episodes need to be switched in order. Everyone would be like "What the heck, why is Spike randomly there..." It would be epic.
  13. Another Spike episode everypony! My favorite Spike episode, by FAR, and one of my all time favorites. It would for sure be my favorite if they switched the order with the next one.
  14. DISSCORDD! Here we go. This episode gives birth to Dicord (lol - kids show guys) And "Am I? How odd of me..." Super epic, but a little too jam packed for on episode, or only twenty two minutes.
  15. I'm sorry, but how did throwing a rock into a huge, angry wolfs mouth make it choke and then explode??? Oh, right, Discord is in the next episode.