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  1. Tom_the_Rock

    5 things on your bucket list.

    1. Solve School and have an awesome life. 2. Get to the Galacon 3. Get the new PS4 4. Fall in love 5. be cool and watch moar PEEEEEEWDIEPIEEEE
  2. So because Imgur doesnt work I decided to post a new link I hope you can make something with it now! Good luck with your Project
  3. Tom_the_Rock


  4. HI here is my OC pony well, I dont have an good Name for it but I just call it "Gameplay Hope you can make something with it. -Tommy
  5. Tom_the_Rock

    Lots of Fluttershy

    dood dis are AWESOME i love them the first drawings are the best for me the 4th pic... dat plot... keep on doin these artwörks there are friggin awesome
  6. Tom_the_Rock

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Can I still post something and I know my camera is really really REALLY shitty and I try to say 100 words but it wont work oh now ot worked!
  7. Tom_the_Rock

    Pinkie's Randomness (Fan-video)

    Friendship_CannonHey, I keep my promisies and no problem I can make another one time yeah and I forgot to tell; you shouldn't hear this very loud
  8. Tom_the_Rock

    Pinkie's Randomness (Fan-video)

    hey, Friendship_Cannon wanted that I make a Fan-video of Pinkie! here it is! I made it in a rush - 40 minutes My first post with the first Fan video: See ya next Time!
  9. Tom_the_Rock

    Movies/TV Forced Upgrade to Youtube One Channel

    That makes me go but actually i have it already xD but i still have problems with that shit! my reaction: I HATE IT!!! im so angry I could just kick on something or scream... if you know what i mean
  10. Tom_the_Rock

    I was bored

    Friendship_Cannonnext time I make it with Pinkie Pie hmmm I need to get then a Party Cannon song Dusty Roadsok next time I'll make it better!
  11. Tom_the_Rock

    I was bored

    Hey, I made a quick Fan-video its called: dash's Wildstyle yeah its nothin' special but I was sooo bored and here it is byeeeee!
  12. Tom_the_Rock

    How and when did you become a brony?

    Hey, whats going on? I wanted to ask you Bronies and Pegasister's How did you come to My little pony: Friendship is Magic? and do you have friends in School/at the Job/or something else who also watch My little Pony? Is it awkward for you when somebody is knowing that you watch MLP or are somebody laughing at you because of this? Well, here's my story: I get used to My little Pony just a few months ago I heard some cool music and saw this awseome fan arts, then i thought: "hmm Im gonna take a look why everybody like this show" aaaand Shoop da Whoop im a Brony I didn't had friends in school who also watch my little pony so, I telled my friends about it like "hey, did you ever heard something about My little Pony?" they said "umm no not really but ok when you say i should check it out then I do it" A couple days later he telled: " haha whats this shit did you wanted to troll me?" well of course it was really awkward for me so I decided to say "umm yeah haha and you really watched it" 1 day later a guy from my class came to me, he is an outsider and he an friend in another class he telled me that he heard what I talked to my friends and said "I also like my little Pony do you wanna be my friend?" since then we where good friends and oh yeah that guy from the other class he also like my little Pony. from that day he and his friend always come to me to watch My little pony or paint some fan arts ... thats remeber me on this scene from My little Pony
  13. Tom_the_Rock

    some moar drawings :)

    Howdy ponies I made some more arts, I'm a beginner so don't be so hard with me I made Twilight Sparkle and Applebloom Hope u like them see ya later ali gummy gater
  14. Tom_the_Rock

    Tavi Drawing

    It looks nice! but you should make the cutiemark bigger and the tail should be a little bit smaller but the art is really nice keep it going to make some arts and you get better and better!
  15. Hey, how ya'll doin' I made today my first Pony with everything on it. I made first a Speeddraw please just don't say: "I don't like thos because its ugly" You should say what you like and what I can make better like: "hey, cool Pony but, you have to work on the eyes" Thanks -Tom_the_Rock