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  1. Crying is a sign you are human. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. RainShadow

    Mega Thread Your Favorite Episode?

    Not including season 4 yet my favorite episode is probably Magical Mystery Cure. I can't be entirely sure about my choice, but it's definitely one of my top 3, and it's the one that jumps out at me the most. So why do I like this episode so much? Overall, it was just so extremely enjoyable and emotional to watch. It tied together all of the seemingly separate and individual episodes in the past 3 seasons and gave them a purpose, and made the entire series before it feel more united and epic. Every episode, every lesson Twilight learned led up to this episode, and many were featured in i
  3. Frankly I don't really care that they didn't really go into the subplot of why they broke up. I think it's pretty obvious why: as the school years went on, Sunset Shimmer became more power-hungry and mean, as shown in the photos of her receiving the crown every year. However, I do wish they utilized Flash's previous relationship with Sunset at least somewhat in the movie. It was just mentioned by Rarity and then nothing really came of it. I overall enjoyed Equestria Girls, but this was definitely one of its flaws.
  4. Yeah-- definitely take the book with a grain of salt. It looks like it's just a prequel to the movie and not actually a novelization of it. Not to mention the writer of it has nothing to do really with the movies creative staff, so the quality of the writing really should be compared to the of the movies either. I'm going into this movie with no opinions positive or negative. I didn't want it, but it's here and I'll give it a chance. The first short was pretty good. Pre-judging the movie based in the right shorts that will be released would be more logical than judging it based on this. T
  5. I really enjoyed this short. I love shorts such as this which tell a story with no dialogue, and just through action. Of course, this is made all the more hilarious since it is Vinyl, and everyone is just waiting for her to speak. Like "dubstep"or not, that backing track here was very well-produced and fun to listen to, and Daniel Ingram proves once again that he can take on pretty much any genre of music. That's one of the more enjoyable things about the EQG universe--it allows them to experiment with some music that really would't fit into the Equestria universe that well. Directi
  6. I really enjoyed this episode, and while some seem to have a problem with Haber's eps, I've rather enjoyed them all. The stinger was enjoyable and set up the future problem well. We get some insanely cute AJ and another interesting flashback into Granny Smith's past. We see how fond the memories Granny has of these times are, and how much she dislikes not having the courage to enter the water again. This makes it understandable when she buys the tonic later. Next, we get to Flim Flam's re-introduction. I've seen some people complain how suddenly they are now playing Conmen, when
  7. I see you're a fellow Applejack fan. Mind giving her your vote against Rainbow Dash here? http://mlpforums.com/topic/89885-2014-mlp-forums-march-madness-tournament-midwest-region-elite-eight/

  8. RainShadow

    Movies/TV Teen Titans Go!

    Anyone watch last week's episode? I have to admit, I really, really enjoyed the first part, "Dude Relax." I had to look no further than the writer to figure out why. This episode was written by Amy Wolfram, who was one of the main (and best) writers for the original series. In fact, she wrote the most episodes of the original series. Needless to say, she knows how to write for these characters, even in this crazy comedy-only setting. What I think I liked about this episode was that it was pretty character-driven, much like the original show. The episode, and all it's antics, focus
  9. The movie is complete. Done. Ready to be released. I'm sure season 4 is moving into animation phase now, if it hasn't already. Keep in mind also, it is way more than possible for the production of the movie to happen at the same time as season 4. DHX produces many, many animated series, and Top Draw does as well. While Meghan, Sibsy, and whoever else were writing/storyboarding/etc EQG, that was not stopping all of the other season 4 writers/crew from working on the new season. I think the longer delay for season 4 was potentially more likely due to waiting for Hasbro to okay ano
  10. John, I believe, is just worried about a worst-case-scenario situation. And while I understand his points & concern, I think it's way to early in what we know to be leaning straight to worst-case, or straight to best-case for that matter, IMO.
  11. Everything we've been told "officially" so far states that this will not affect the show, I guess take that for what you will. But I believe it will not. The whole plot that we know of so far is pretty one-shot and status-quo. Someone steal's Twilight's crown, she goes into another dimension to get it back, gets it back and returns to original universe. Crown back, status quo restored. Maybe a reference in the beginning of the season we can potentially ignore, but I don't see anything in the plot so far that would be cannon-shaking. Just the normal something stolen, got it back plo
  12. Let me quote a few things from that second link that lead me to believe none of it (some paraphrased since I can't copy/paste the text): A lot of the second post there is just obvious speculation based on solid evidence we know about--the "My Little Pony" 66 minute thing on Top Draw's website a while ago was EQG. No duh. What? This statement is so ridiculous I don't even know where to start... Thanks for clarifying, This is pretty much obviously implying that the Mane 6 all change into human form and need to go clothes shopping to fit their new bodies. The tra
  13. MLP-conservative. I have to say though: whether EQG is tolerable or terrible in the end, you should not automatically assume you will have to turn into an "old-school Brony." That's implying that all future non-EQG content will all-of-a-sudden be crap due to the movie, which I do not believe will happen. Maybe I'm just being one of those overly-optimistic people here , but I just do not see this movie having an adverse effect on all 26 episodes of season 4.
  14. And that's all fine in dandy, IMO. People should be able to say "I do not like this; here's why based on what we've seen so far... etc. etc." But, don't go around saying people that disagree with you, or are at least waiting it out, are incorrect or in denial? That's absurd.
  15. I'm actually more tempted to leave the fandom since this seems to come up with every freakin' episode and news update about the show.... Seriously though: I think, just like Princess Twilight and everything else before it, people will eventually get over it, move on, and either potentially enjoy or accept it. And no, if people decide to "leave the fandom" because of this, I do not care. I still love the show, might enjoy Equestria Girls (gotta at least give it a chance), and am looking forward to an awesome 26 episode season 4. And that's all that matters to me.
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