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  1. Twilight Kyle

    Has anyone watched the MLP movie yet?

    No, my opinion of the movie is my opinion of the movie. I fail to see at what time I saw it has any relevance whatsoever.
  2. Twilight Kyle

    General Questions Reputation?

    That's what I thought at first but I know that's not true because I saw a person with 15 rep with only two posts, and neither of them git any brohoofs.
  3. Twilight Kyle

    do people disappoint you

    Not to any significant degree, no. They have in the past though.
  4. Twilight Kyle

    General Questions Please lock a thread

    For future reference, you can more easily request a thread be locked by reporting the topic in question.
  5. What determines an individuals reputation?
  6. Twilight Kyle

    Has anyone watched the MLP movie yet?

    I saw it when it was leaked. It was alright, nothing special. Didn't much care for the songs and the plot and resolution was kinda meh.
  7. Twilight Kyle

    Flurry heart ❤️

    It's difficult to say, since she's just a foal. I can't imagine the writers being able to do much with her.
  8. Twilight Kyle

    Did Twilight Intentionally Attack Star Tracker?

    No. He snuck up behind Twilight, much to her annoyance, and stomped him accidentally; while she was mostly unapologetic, it was obviously an accident, she even says herself 'It wouldn't have happened if you didn't keep standing right behind me'.
  9. Twilight Kyle

    A friends system?

    Oh darn, that's a shame.
  10. Twilight Kyle

    Food Anyone else crave wings?

    Funny you should mention it, I just ordered some pizza and wings.
  11. Twilight Kyle

    A friends system?

    I looked around a bit but I don't see a feature for adding ponies as friends. I think this would be a great feature given the subject matter of the forum.
  12. Twilight Kyle

    Mega Thread Your Favorite Episode?

    It's hard to pick one, there are so many that qualify, however the first one that comes to mind is 'Amending Fences'.
  13. Twilight Kyle

    More of Twilight Sparkle crying

    This topic brings to mind the 'Amending Fences' episode, one of my favorites.
  14. Twilight Kyle

    Will season 8 be the last?

    Definitely NOT. As long as mlp is popular, it's going to make money, and as long as it keeps making money, they're gonna keep making episodes. Of course that's not to say friendship is magic won't come to an end and be remade.
  15. Twilight Kyle

    S07:E22 - Once Upon A Zeppelin

    With all the effort you put into writing all that, I figured it'd be rude not to! I'm sure it's riveting, but I just don't have the patience to read that much, lol.