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  2. @AlicornSpell Just so you are aware, I have altered this thread’s title to give it more proper context.
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  5. OOC: This is the order posting will progress: 1. Me 2. Renegade The Unicorn 3. Dynamo Pad 4. Jedishy 5. Arid_Blitz 6. Drago Ryder 7. TBD You will have 48 hours to contribute a post. Wolf slowly made her way through the various hallways, carefully looking at each classroom number to ensure that she didn’t miss her assigned room. “Well, this is it. I am now an official student of UA! I am going to have to make an impressive impression if I want to come across as true hero potential. I know that I passed the entrance exam with no problem but now, i’ll be in close quarters with a select group of students with their own unique quirk who also passed that exam; some probably getting a better score than me... I can’t be afraid. I have to let them know that I just as fierce and capable as them” Walking up a flight of stairs, she turned a corner and came to the closed door of classroom 111. This was it; the new class of 1-C. Wolf takes a deep inhale and let’s it go in an attempt to release any remaining anxiety. ”Well, here goes nothing” she whispers to herself as she opens the door. ”It’s empty. I must be the first student here. Am I early? No. Am I in the wrong place? I can’t be. I remember specifically reading the number 111 on my enrollment sheet” Wolf takes a seat in the middle desk in the front row. ”I suppose I’ll wait here!”
  6. NO LONGER ACCEPTING PARTICIPANTS Knowledge of anime required! Hello, guys I am searching for users to take part in a My Hero Academia-themed role play. I am searching for at least three-five users with MHA OCs (one each). The OCs will be attending UA and in their first year in Hero class/course 1-C. This will be taking place where the anime left off (end of season three). If you are interested, post information about your OC using the following template (please, no incredibly overpowered OCs. That’s no fun) Name: Hero name: Gender: Age: Quirk: Appearance: Extra details (keep it short): At this point, I am unsure if I will include canon characters or not. At the very least, I want to include the teachers. I did this with a past role play and it was difficult managing them with OCs. If you have any recommendations on how to more easily execute canon characters, please post them below. My MHA OC: Name: Wolf Hero name: Wolf Gender: Female Age: 17 Quirk: “Wolf” She has wolf ears, wolf tail, sharp canines, has increased hearing abilities, can run faster on all fours than on two legs, has long/sharp nails, has increased sense of smell, and can communicate with all canines. Extra details: When Wolf becomes extremely upset, she turns “rabid” and attacks anything and everything. She needs someone to hold her back and calm her down. Appearance (in her hero uniform): Will add more details/rules soon!
  7. Hey, all I could not dig up my old ask thread so I figured I would create a new one. Ask me something...anything.