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  1. A special cake delivery for Venny. ^^

    Beautiful cake for you.~

    Image result for super chocolate cake

  2. ♥️ Yami Bakura is gorgeous ♥️


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      Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      ^ I’m dying. I’m seriously laughing my ass off right now ^_^

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      @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ 


      The guy in the other gif looks a teensy bit like an older version of Damien. :P

  3. I like Bakugou’s aggressiveness and ruthlessness. I find that to be extremely sexy. I also find his arrogance to be charming! I really like it when we get to see him vulnerable... It’s a beautiful thing.
  4. Hey there, @CatCat Care to draw Wolf Tracks? A serious expression and a sitting position will suffice.
  5. Update: I have been clean for one year. I am also taking a medication to help decrease urges to self harm.
  6. @Starlighty Moving to the Forum Lounge, as this is where your thread will receive the right attention. Also, I have altered this thread’s title to give it more proper context.
  7. Wolf Tracks as a hippogriff


  8. A word of warning, Venny.



    Cakes are coming soon. :P;)


  9. Considering this was created by your friends and not yourself, it does not qualify as your artwork. Therefore, this thread is being locked.