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  1. You have stumbled upon galaxy doggo.
    Your day/night will be filled with good luck and puppers.


    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Oh great and wonderful good luck pupper, please share with me your wisdom~

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Can I give him a hug? :D

    3. Kujamih


      Babark ababababark babark bark bark... Barkbark.

  2. @KittyCatLuna A mega thread of this topic already exists here. (Mega threads are basically massive versions of threads and we do not allow copies of them). Locked.
  3. The Wife of Hawks

    general questions Is there a ability to add our own options in?

    @Jeric JeRiC dO sOmEtHiNg
  4. @ExplosionMare Are you still experiencing issues with this?
  5. @Will Guide Are you still experiencing issues with this?
  6. The Wife of Hawks

    resolved Older Gen RP Characters?

    Closing now the problem has been resolved..
  7. The Wife of Hawks

    Technical Issues Forums on mobile issue.

    @Jeric JeRiC dO sOmEtHiNg
  8. The Wife of Hawks

    Technical Issues Forums on mobile issue.

    @DivineQueen1000 Are you still experiencing problems with this?
  9. The Wife of Hawks

    resolved Banner credit line missing

    @Pandora Banners as of late have included the respective artist’s names. This was, like Jeric said, an issue with the update. Locking now that this question has been answered.
  10. The Wife of Hawks

    resolved New text selection options

    Locking now that this question has been answered.
  11. The Wife of Hawks

    General Media OCs in main storylines

    This is exactly what I have done with 2 of my OCs. I have incorporated them into not only the canon universe but also included them in some episodes, ultimately changing a few things. As long as your OC isn’t intrusive, like a nuisance to the story.
  12. @ggg-2 Not talking about the rear ends of the characters. Locked.
  13. I noticed a growth on one of my bird’s (Pepper’s) wings a few weeks ago. I thought it was excessive scar tissue, as Pepper grooms excessively but when I got a closer look at it today, I realized it may be an abscess. I made an appointment at the exotic veterinary office next week for him to be seen. I hope it can just be lanced/drained and send him home on antibiotics. 

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    2. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      I hope Pepper will be okay.

    3. TomDaBombMLP


      I hope he’ll be fine! :kindness:

    4. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Good for you for doing that for Pepper. You're a good pet owner.

  14. @GeffreyDrogon Moved to Sugarcube Corner, as this is where the show is discussed indirectly. Also, I altered this thread’s title to give it proper context. Finally, the photo you attached doesn’t appear.
  15. While we can talk about how phones could play a role in this movie, this thread is not to be used to discuss phones in any other way.
  16. @twilight24 Asking for recommendations on fan fictions would be best done through a status update or blog entry. As its own topic, it doesn’t contain potential to commence a lasting discussing between users. Once you receive the proposals and are satisfied with them, the thread will no longer serve a purpose. Locked.
  17. @DiscoPony777 Re-colors are disallowed to be passed as your own artwork. Please only post art that you have created yourself. Locked.
  18. The Wife of Hawks

    Pipp Petals

    @DiscoPony777 Re-colors are disallowed to be passed as your own artwork. Please only post art that you have created yourself. Locked.
  19. Unlocking Please remember why this was closed.
  20. When you finally realize 7 years into your MLP Forums account that the default profile photo is a silhouette of Buffy.



    1. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      Doesn't that make everypony all @Buffy?


      Wait a minute, are you @Buffy too, @Twilight Sparkle !? :blink:


  21. First off, these names are ridiculous. The theme why went with these quick, single syllable names with Izzy, Pip, Zipp, and Hitch is kinda stupid. Second, I wonder why Pipp’s wings are a different style than Zipp’s...the latter being more reminiscent to the gen 4 style of pegasus wings. So far, it seems like we will have 2 carbon copies: Zipp being a Rainbow Dash and Izzy being a Pinkie Pie. Original! I digress, however. I am still pretty excited for the movie. @CastletonSnob Added a YouTube video to your post. Original link provided a link to download material.
  22. The Wife of Hawks

    Animation Anime You Love

    My favorites in no particular order: Naruto Shippuden My Hero Academia The Devil is a Part-Timer! Fairy Tail Black Clover
  23. So 3D Doritos were recently re-released.. I remember liking them. However, they aren’t available in classic nacho cheese. They are only available in chili cheese & spicy ranch. I just bought the chili cheese flavor since that’s close enough.

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    2. Samurai Equine
    3. Megas


      Always loved these back in the day, though the current Chili Cheese ones aren't too bad

    4. The Wife of Hawks

      The Wife of Hawks


      They are too spicy for me :scoots:

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