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  1. The Wife of Hawks

    General Media Hasbro got a new CEO

    @phantompone1148 Moved to Media Discussion with the appropriate tag
  2. @BitterGlitter This thread belongs in the Recommendations and Appreciation section. As stated in its descriptor: Looking for a specific Brony song, genre, or artist? Want to share a specific song track you love? Post it here with a review. +1 for Pony.FM link.
  3. The Wife of Hawks

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I am feeling very neutral at the moment, don’t care about anything in particular.
  4. Awww, thank you for mentioning me! 💕 I gotta keep up with my visits to my BFFFF’s profile.
  5. @K_Cast I have moved this thread to Sugarcube Corner, as this is where the MLP fandom is discussed. I also altered the title to give a tad more context.
  6. This is a review/analysis video of a book. The content of a video does not always dictate its location. The random link attached to your post has been omitted, as it does not add to the discussion of this thread.
  7. @Discord the Amazing A thread discussing the absence of Windigos has already been created here. Your thread has been edited accordingly.
  8. I am going in to get my hair done today, been needing a cut/style for awhile.

    1. Axel


      tbh i need one my beard is getting super long

    2. The Wife of Hawks

      The Wife of Hawks

      Wasn’t able to get in today..

      Next week!

    3. Pathfinder


      You're gonna look so FIIIINE! <3

  9. I say Twilight because her magic could be very dangerous.
  10. @phantompone1148 Altered title to give proper context ~ Please keep titles clear/giving the idea of what the thread is about.
  11. “They use funny words like ‘salsa’ and ‘menthol’”.
  12. I started The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    It’s hilarious. I love it.


    1. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      Ooh~! I was actually interested in checking that out. :sunbutt:

  13. @phantompone1148 The section Pony Life is designated for, as the name indicates, discussing the series Pony Life. Talking about the brony/pegasister fandom or MLP:FiM indirectly belongs in Sugarcube Corner. Your thread has been moved there.
  14. The Wife of Hawks

    MLP App game

    @Discord the Amazing The section Forum Games is designated for games to be played between MLP Forums users that were originally created by MLP Forum users such as Rate the Avatar of the User Above You. There are no technology games played or discussed here. Please reserve MLP game reviews for the Sugarcube Corner section… Media Discussion section is used for non-MLP game talk. The keyword used being review, not advertising. Closing.
  15. @Discord the Amazing Please wait to make a thread that includes the actual review. “____ coming soon” threads do not really serve a purpose other than announcing what you will be doing later, even if you plan on adding to it later. It’s best to reserve thread space to the real show. This thread will be closed. Thank you.
  16. I watched Centaur World. It was decent! I didn't love it but I can say that it's definitely worth giving a chance. I will be waiting for S2.

  17. I started Record of Ragnarok yesterday. I love the concept.

  18. @TheUnknownPhantom5 MLP:FiM Canon Discussion is designated for talking about generation 4 of MLP. Also, games belong in the Forum Game section. However, they have fluidity. Your game would be better suited as a status update or blog entry. Locked.
  19. The Wife of Hawks

    MLP Creepypastas

    @Deluxe Dalmatian Moved to Sugarcube Corner, as this is where MLP is discussed indirectly. REMINDER TO EVERYONE: KEEP POSTS APPROPRIATE.
  20. The Wife of Hawks

    events MLP Forum 10th Anniversary!

    Happy 10 year anniversary, MLP Forums!
  21. Watched season 2 of Beastars

    1. Axel



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