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  1. tfw you expect the Baku GP to be a complete snoozefest like street circuits usually are but it actually turns out to be amazing

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    2. Pathfinder


      Keep in mind they do have concrete barriers and catch-fencing in place, so while there is a risk to spectators, the chance of risk is fairly low.

      That said the Azerbaijan GP was definitely the most fun of the year. XD

    3. Darrala


      It was, happy for Valtteri finishing really strong in P2 even though it looked pretty grim at the start. Stroll getting P3 was quite the surprise, well deserved Driver of the Day for that. My man Kimi retiring was pretty disheartening though, things really didn't go his way this time. 

    4. Pathfinder


      Good day also for Haas F1, and for McLaren for their first points of the year!

  2. Have you tried iRacing's dirt track racin'? I only have today, and it's fucking epic. I even recorded some of my first laps in the 410 Sprintcar.

    Well, it was mainly a test of Shadowplay. But with a bit of Sony Vegas, I reckon I can make it look a little bit less like shit with native resolution and synced audio!

    1. Darrala


      I actually haven't done iRacing in a long while, my laptop can't really run it anymore unfortunately. From what i've seen on Youtube it seems they did a really good job with dirt. Wish i could get a better machine, i miss iRacing. Just have to make do with offline racing until i can upgrade to something better.

  3. Went riding to the local race track for the first time with my brother. Didn't get my knee down and only dared to go up to 160 km/h (short straights), but still one of the most fun things i've done, easily :D 

    1. Tropical Melody

      Tropical Melody

      I have serious respect for people who can do that. I never could. Always too scared of crashing.


    2. Darrala


      It certainly isn't easy, the fear was the biggest thing that kept me from properly pushing it. I don't think i got even close to my bike's limits. Well, my physical fitness is to blame too, it takes a toll on your body, mentally and physically. Makes you appreciate the guys in MotoGP who can ride at the limit for 20+ laps straight at insane speeds, i only did a few at a relatively slow pace and i was feeling the strain.

  4. Ok, at this point Alonso has to be literally cursed. This can't be fucking real.

    1. Pathfinder


      This one will likely be the hardest to take. He had a legit chance at winning. :(

    2. Darrala


      He was kicking ass out there, i was so excited to see him doing so well. Such a shame.

    3. Pathfinder


      Definitely hope he comes back next year; he can win it I SWEAR!!!!

  5. When your country has such shit weather even the weatherman can't deal.


  6. tfw Trump supporters hate muslims so much they go full circle and start sounding like Christian jihadists.

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    2. Nerdy Luigi

      Nerdy Luigi

      @Darrala That's funny, but Wikipedia really isn't the best source for anything because anyone can edit it. I would have tried for a better source if I could find one that actually listed every terrorist attack in US history,


    3. Darrala


      @Nerdy Luigi Yeah, it's a good idea to look at the sources they provide first before trusting it on face value. Wikipedia really isn't as easy to edit as a lot of people think but it's certainly not immune to bullshit.

    4. SpookyBrony42


      White supremacist groups are not a major world religion. They don't have access to $1 billion, military hardware, and a global network of sleeper agents.

      So yeah, apples are red and oranges are orange.

  7. Darrala


    /r/place was a lot of fun while it lasted. I put a lot of pixels to maintaining the Rojava flag and YPG/J logo with my /r/TheFarLeftSide comrades, /pol/ cucks and The_Dingus tried their hardest to resist our revolution but we won. Seeing the F1 logo hold out for so long against the void was pretty cool as well and the Jules Bianchi tribute that came later was a real nice touch. Actually kinda proud of reddit that it didn't turn out to be full of hate symbols tbh, goes to show that as much kicking and screaming as they make, the shitty people remain a completely insignificant minority.
  8. tfw you want to make your videogame character look like you but the game doesn't let you make him unattractive enough

  9. Demonstrations in Helsinki, around 3,000 people marching against fascism. Some faith in humanity remains <3

  10. Time to rev up those Finlandia hymns, it's Independence day!

  11. About what i expected to get. Bash the fash.
  12. I don't know why i read the Debate Pit all the time, just pisses me off.

    1. Miss


      XD tru! I usually just stay away

  13. Americans actually elected a fucking meme to represent them, the absolute madmen.

  14. I wish i could art well

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    2. Snow


      Yeah man.. Just take a look at the "I draw a lot of tanks 0_0" thread in non pony artwork... The m103 and tiger 1 where terrible but each tank I drew it got better XP in fact .. I want you to draw something right now, preferably what you want to get good at and PM it to me. (What I do is upload with the forums uploader in a random thread and then open the image in a new tab and than copy and paste it into the pm box) you got.. It's 12 am for me... Until 6pm my time to have it done...

    3. Snow


      That's like.. 18 hours.. Don't disappoint me. x3 nothing like a good chalange to motivate someone lol, night.

    4. Darrala


      I'm actually working on a thing right now, i'm kinda sort of starting to understand how to use GIMP so i've been fiddling with that.