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  1. Potato Sprout

    People you just wanna- UGH..

    Umm... Myself Well, if I get really annoyed by someone I just let it pass (for the most part) There's really not any specific person I really hate or anything. Except the usual like, (insert almost every big "artist" here). But when I think about it. Just myself really. I can be a pain in the arse. And should simply
  2. Potato Sprout

    What's on your clipboard?

    Ummm.... I got this http://puu.sh/5S105.jpg I've been working on it for a while Sorry for being lame
  3. Potato Sprout


    They don't really scare me whatsoever. I just find the bastards cute. I don't see much reason of being scared by them really. One stomp and you have some mashed spider on the floor. Although i don't have much to be afraid of since i live in Sweden.
  4. Potato Sprout

    The sixth-generation consoles were the last good consoles

    I've never really been a fan of consoles. But I see what you're getting at. I don't see any reason to boot up a gaming console if I didn't intend to play anything. Welp, I'll just stick to my pc and 3ds. And my nes and gamecube. (Only consoles I like)
  5. Potato Sprout

    Ponify THE WORLD

    Captian Novolin, why? Because it's just the most random thing I can think of. I don't know how you're supposed to ponify it, but heck. We'll find a way! I really think we ponify enough already, so I don't see any need in adding them to even more things since it would start being a bit to much.
  6. Potato Sprout

    Yellow :D

    "Yellow this is Purge" You'll probably not get that... So you want a question eh? What really grind your gears? If I would answer it myself it would probably be people spitting on the street. It just so.... ARGH! I hate it. Well, anyway. Welcome!
  7. Potato Sprout

    Gaming The Pokemon X and Y friend code thread.

    I'll keep adding everyone here. I'm kinda new to the series if that makes sense. I've play gen 1,2,3 and now I jsut jumped over to gen 6 O.o I don't know actually. But is it possible to get all the pokemon only through gen 6 by trading and so on? Anyway, I'm currently trying to build a team with 6th gen pokemon only. But anyways, here's my friendcode again. As I said, I'll go through and add everyone who isn't added yet 3024-5747-4927 If anyone wants to battle or maybe trade something, just throw me a pm. bye!
  8. I would buy a new computer... aaaannndd... ummmm.. do something? I dunno, I'm pretty content with having a decent computer with friends here on the internet. Things could definitly be better yes, but.. meh... Nothing money will get me. I would probably spend some of it on pepsi too... But really, I don't need that money And no, I wouldn't donate anything... I'm way to greedy and asshole-ish to do that.
  9. Potato Sprout

    Gaming The Pokemon X and Y friend code thread.

    Alright, I will be adding everyone here I have Y myself Well: Name: Dan-Lad Code: 3024-5747-4927 Time to add people! Huzzah! This will take some time So, please add me as well. I've completed Y now. Gotta catch 'em all!
  10. Potato Sprout

    How Would You Feel if this was G5?

    I wouldn't really react at all... I just wouldn't watch it Looks kinda, bad though tbh. I prefer the ponies we have now. And not those, things...
  11. Potato Sprout

    YouTube's amazingly detailed channel updating settings

    I wish I could give them points for the effort. But... there doesn't seem to be any.
  12. Potato Sprout

    ~Baby Chigens~ *Requested from Chigens and Kay*

    Ok, who let Kay pierce her ear when she was a baby D:< Looks really cute though, good job! Just to correct you becayse I'm a retarded human without emotions the OC is named Kaynah, not Chigens. Sorry but I just feel some need to correct people on this stuff. Welp, good job anyway
  13. Potato Sprout

    Movies/TV Favorite Death Scenes

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAdniWncWu4 I'm sorry. But I gotta say this. I'm not really a fan of death scenes or movies in general. But when it's this bad. I just got to love it. Oh, and if someone can tell me how to get the clip to show up and not just the link, I would be happy to know.
  14. Potato Sprout

    Movies/TV What was the most disappointing movie you've ever seen?

    The hobbit. I just hate that movie now. I disliked most things of it. Like, they give me no reason to care about most of the dwarves and they keep putting Bilbo in danger even though everyone knows he won't die since the movie is called "The HOBBIT"... So, definitly The Hobbit
  15. Potato Sprout

    My Decision Has Been Reversed

    Yay! We haven't even talked but I'm still happy For some reason your name was just the first name that got stuck in my head. Made me kinda sad to see that you'd decided to leave. (I totally didn't walk away crying. I'm way to manly for that. *cough cough*) But, well. Umm.... Yay!