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  1. -.- yehhhhh, ok now I remembered why I stopped logging on here...The administration here is such a dictator, bye!

  2. :3 WELP, I'm back everypony

  3. Hey y'all I'm back! Sheesh it's been a reeeeeally long time. Any whew, I'm back on the fourms with new recording equipment for my voice acting! Yaaaaaaay! I'll post my sound cloud of my half hindquarter demo (lol). Other than that I deeply apologies for being away for so long! Now on with the show!

  4. My last district competition performance is this saterday ),:

  5. Yeah, I started getting stressed/lazy towards the background because of how many hours it took me to just draw Thesbie in general. (SO.MUCH.DETAIL.)But any who this is what I have for now plus another drawing on the way!
  6. I rarely see any Bronys in the sw Florida region. So, if they're any out there please feel free to message me! (ps sorry if I posted this twice I wasn't sure if it was posted the first time)
  7. Here you go! sorry for the ling wait I hope you like your cutiemarks and have a very very very very very very nice day! Cheeeeeers!
  8. 0.e I don't like the new goofy..someone that tall should wear pants...

  9. here it is in your ponies fur color and thank you for the art credit. cheers and what not lollz
  10. here is your cutiemark,I hope you like it and your odds may ever be in your favor. Lol sorry had to do that to fill in the characters. ^^
  11. lol yeah I realized that when I uploaded it. I'll fix it since I'm also going to alter the background cuz it's really dark and a little hard to see
  12. lol this video always makes my day

  13. here are you're drawings! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing them! Have a nice day! I promise I did not forget you guys I am still working on yours and I will upload them soon as I finish them. ^^ Soooooo I was doodling and I came up with this.I wasn't sure what you're oc's eye color was so I took a guess and mad them gold. :3