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  1. I know that you're not active anymore, but I still wish you a very happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. If you are talking about Dragon Age 2, then all points you made are invalid.
  4. I just fully redid my goblin deck, would love to try it out against someone.
  5. Console peasants getting Dawnguard a month early :negative:

    1. False Perception

      False Perception

      I may be on the console, but I still think PC should get it first.

    2. Twiliscael


      PC peasants getting Dawngaurd a month late :positive: :P

    3. Maud Pie Rocker

      Maud Pie Rocker

      Clock is ticking.

  6. Damn I wish he didnt die, those things look like theyd be fun to ride.
  7. Get off the computer and get a life.Yes you.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Gummy


      @calirolls I am outside

    3. Victoria and Co.

      Victoria and Co.


      Being outside and having a life are two completely different things.

    4. Gummy


      Oh golly oh gosh

  8. Oh geeze sorry was just a question, no need to take your teenage drama out on me And I thought this was the art sub forum.
  9. Why does it have hair?
  10. What is it supposed to be?
    1. Aureity


      Holy hay...25 bucks for all the Total War games? I love you, Gummy.

    2. Gummy


      Rome and medieval arent steam keys though, just a warning if that matters to you.

  11. Call of Pripyat really needs to go on sale.

    1. nonee


      Amazing game. I'm sad that I never finished it :/

    2. Mint Petal

      Mint Petal

      I believe if you have any of the other STALKER games then you get a discount. That's what happened with me anyway.