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  1. Gummy

    Gaming Skyrim Discussion Thread

    If you are talking about Dragon Age 2, then all points you made are invalid.
  2. I just fully redid my goblin deck, would love to try it out against someone.
  3. Gummy

    Lonesome George dies, last Pinta Island tortoise

    Damn I wish he didnt die, those things look like theyd be fun to ride.
  4. You can choose what lands to tap
  5. Yeah ive seen 9999 health before.
  6. Jace deck is best deck.
  7. Gummy

    Visual Art pl

    Oh geeze sorry was just a question, no need to take your teenage drama out on me And I thought this was the art sub forum.
  8. Gummy

    Visual Art pl

    Why does it have hair?
  9. Gummy

    Visual Art pl

    What is it supposed to be?
  10. Gummy

    Gaming Girl gamers.

    Instead of girl gamer how about "I have tits let me win"
  11. Gummy

    Gaming World of Warcraft

    Been playing since vanilla release. Right now sitting on my main an 85 prot warrior, 85 resto/enhance shammy, 85 mage, 85 druid, 80 DK, 85 hunter, 80 warlock, 80 paladin, 70 rogue and 42 priest. I play on and off, right now more off than on. Plan on playing the warrior and shaman during MoP.
  12. Gummy

    Gaming The Magic the Gathering Thread

    Stopped playing when I was a teenager. Loved my blue counter deck though I love Duels of the Planeswalkers though, just got 2013 and am playing the shit out of it.
  13. Gummy

    Music Where can I find good speakers for my phone?

    Im just linking examples, it is up to you to find what you want. I used to go through like 4 of those analog cables a year until I got the one I currently use.
  14. Gummy

    Music Where can I find good speakers for my phone?

    Any stereo with an aux port? Just look for one I am sure you can find a cheap set out there. Also there are analog cables you can hook up to your phone like these
  15. Gummy

    Music Where can I find good speakers for my phone? That was literally the first thing that came up on google, just hook an aux cord up to your sound system and you are set. You dont need special speakers for a phone, just a phone with a 3.5mm jack and a sound system with an aux out port.