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  1. Dowlphin

    Fluttershy stage fright - really?

    Saw the new EqG short, Fluttershy musical... She has shown she's quite capable of singing in front of a crowd. She just needs a villain to defeat, hah. And friendship magic helps, too, at least from my viewpoint, but yeah, some settings have enough of that certain magic, others maybe not. I can empathize with her great potential that only comes out when the stars are aligned, so to speak. Soo, being a Pinkie brain, I would have told her that there's no reason to be afraid of singing in front of crowds, because the only difference between crowds and crows is an added d, so since she is neither afraid of birds nor of the letter d, all is fine. Also, wait until she learns about the fourth wall.
  2. Dowlphin

    S8E13 Mean 6 - picture commentary

    I just realized: What would have made the episode so much more 'immersive' is if the clones weren't visually different. Would have put the viewer so much more into the ponies' perspective. The deliberate distinction might have been unwise extra effort. (Or maybe it was a Hasbro rule.)
  3. Dowlphin

    S8E13 Mean 6 - picture commentary

    I totally would expect a bit of a resolution in the next episode. They can't expect us to believe they rebuild the campsite and then don't visit the tree room and notice the six pieces of wood. That COULD lead to some interesting further story developments and provide episode content; Twilight trying to figure out what those artifacts are. ... Well, we can just wait and see and maybe get more surprises. ... Actually, this episode was a good example of how a totally predictable start can make an unpredictable ending hit so much more as a surprise. That evil-Twilight image up there, that's basically a reaction pic. It was a bit of a Magical Mystery Cure moment where we can just enjoy some pwnage instead of inflated, dragged-out drama. Interestingly, in both episodes it had the same cause/incentive for the writers: time constraints to a single episode.
  4. Dowlphin

    S8E13 Mean 6 - picture commentary

    Rarity was definitely the most vexing to me. She specifically said she didn't do what she had been accused of. A perfect moment for Twilight to go: "Wait a moment, what's going on here?" I guess the writers wanted to really hit home with the message how the power of their friendship is like an unstoppable force of nature at this point where they don't even have to bother investigating attempted sabotage. In principle very beautiful, just in execution clumsy, as so often. Hmm, maybe if we don't focus too much on those details, that would honor the principle? (It's actually what I love so much about the show. The nitpicking is mostly just for fun.)
  5. Dowlphin

    S8E13 Mean 6 - picture commentary

    == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == a.k.a. Discord Reloaded
  6. Dowlphin

    game Sinking in Another Room? | MLP:SH Devlog #5

    Ah! "Feature photo". Now I noticed the button. Wow, that was hiding well, haha. Thanks. (Weirdly you didn't even point to that, but I checked again and saw it.)
  7. Dowlphin

    game Sinking in Another Room? | MLP:SH Devlog #5

    May I ask, what is this new blog post header image thing? Just recently I was so happy seeing how blogs are listed and now there's another view mode (looks very 'mobile'), active by default, and sorting by most recently posted again. And most have no pic. I can't figure out how to add a pic for my posts.
  8. == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) ==
  9. == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == == Spoiler Prevention Spacer (patent pending) == Who didn't know when reading the title that this would be an AJ-and-Dashie episode? Fluttershy being Teacher of the Month at a friendship school all the time is well-deserved. I keep emphasizing how her big heart and thus great capacity for loving and compassion makes her predestined for it, as she showed by authentically being a friend to Discord during his troubled phase. What is worth pointing out and being puzzled about though is that this is the ninth win. That means nine months have passed since the founding of the school. Why would the writers want to do such a large jump? That could become inconvenient in the future. ... Continuity and consistency were never strong points of the writing. (Noticed how during the canoe adventure Silverstream and Ocellus threw away their helmets and their safety vests vanished and when they shapeshifted back they were wearing both? OK, that's a minor, borderline thing, but it's one thing that just came to my attention.) Fluttershy suggesting AJ and Dashie do the field trip together was so along the lines of her teacher expertise. She observed quietly and then pointed out the obvious solution. It came across as an almost trolling-level idea, but was actually quite like a Salomonic judgment. She's totally pwning her colleagues. Again, deservedly Teacher of the Month. She's got it figured out. I had some tiny hope though that Twilight Sparkle expected it to go wrong when she sends AJ and Dashie on a non-competitive, teamwork-oriented mission. - Nope. "I can't believe this. You're not teaching teamwork. You're competing with each other." - She thought they were past that? What made her think that? How much time to they actually spend together off-camera? I would assume enough, considering Pinkie even pointed out to everybody that a potted plant would be better at it than those two. Let me take a jab a Twilight here and exclaim how I can't believe she lied to Celestia in the theater episode. Heh. Since they got so many different species around now, they're not saying "everypony" anymore, but "everycreature". This seems odd to me, since there are our "everybody" and "everyone". But I could assume this is with the idea that "everycreature" emerged from THEIR world and need to find a new word, and that is also maybe wants to be in-your-face about how they made a move of racial inclusion. I'm just wondering whether that's also the word that everybody used in their world when not referring to ponies. For example, what do yaks say among themselves? Everyyak? Now, the issue with AJ an Dashie was one of those things I like to briefly bring to philosophical attention, a case of a rigid mind trying to twist even the opposite of something into the same, basically showing the infinite power of self-deception. That they would eventually teach by bad example was, too, kinda announcing itself as early as reading the episode title, haha. I am just glad Twilight scheduled another test right away instead of giving them the award anyway. And after all, they have a whole month left to work on internalizing the experience and lesson. I'm just worried that month might pass like nothing. Considering how quickly the previous nine went by, hah. P.S.: Seeing the friendship school architecture from so many internal angles makes me wish I had been able to learn in such an environment. It is an amazing building. Never underestimate the impact such beautiful art can have on the heart, which lays the groundwork for the teachings.
  10. Especially getting puns right in the face. ^^
  11. Dowlphin

    I freaking am time traveling right now!

    Sounds like a trust exercise with your autopilot, haha. There are some profound spiritual insights in there. On a personal note, kudos for not smoking. I hate the smell at least as much as tobacco, maybe more. And it's still unhealthy anyway. Keep things in moderation though. Cannabis has a tendency to develop tolerance, making it a gray-area substance. (Sadly, the substances that are developing reverse tolerance are still mostly illegal. But those have the greatest healing potential. Naturally they are often not at all pleasant and require particularly responsible handling.)
  12. That's what I imagined Twilight telling her. The episode had its highlights, but they were quite timid and enjoyed best without pointing them all out. In the beginning, Celestia thinks theater brings out the best in people. Well, dunno about Equestria, but in our realm there often seems to be lots of jealousy, competitive friction and big egoes involved. When Pinkie showed she counts the times AJ told her not to do something, I thought, well, that shows she cares, hehe. When Celestia was whispering her lines, I thought: She really needs Rainbow Dash for voice coaching. (LOUDEEEER!!!!) The plot was very predictable early-on, and although I foresaw awkwardness, I didn't expect the execution to be THAT bad, and it really didn't have to be. (But sense for the power of subtlety seems to be an art.) In a way, the intriguing point about this episode was that it had a theme of really bad acting while the episode itself has a badly executed script. The lesson of telling the truth is really getting old, and while I understand the pressures that made Twilight make the mistake yet again, Celestia said at one point: "Didn't Applejack remind you that telling the truth is always better than a well-meant lie?" ... Hmm, didn't we have an episode involving AJ that conveyed something slightly different? About sparing someone's feelings? And Celestia really has to try hard to be that bad at acting, especially since she just needs to be herself. For her sake, she's a thousand years old. One should pick up a thing or two. During theater lessons she's outright acting like she has a mental handicap. All very forced and exaggerated. That's so not her. Someone who is excited about theater would love to play pretend, and it got even weirder when she suddenly started giving Fluttershy acting tips. How can someone who is so passionate about something be so horrible at it, and how can someone so horrible at it be able to teach it? That seems unnatural and contradictory. Then in the end she must have unlocked an achievement or something, because suddenly she could act. But there wasn't really anything preventing her from utilizing that passion before for the stage play. Pinkie's unaware-ironic fireworks line then was as clumsy as it gets. Again, really bad acting, hah. It wasn't even delivered in Pinkie's usual way where SHE likes to play the dramas of life. P.S. (Pinkie scriptum): The balloon WAS the perfect substitute for the sun? Don't tell me Pinkie only has ONE giant yellow balloon in stock! I refuse to believe that! What kind of world is that supposed to be?! UPDATE: When re-watching parts of the episode, I noticed someone is really not amused by this interruption of the night. "If my coat is getting pale, I'm gonna give YOU a tar coat!" - Damn cheaters, right?
  13. Today at the drugstore I noticed some MLP merch. There were what looked like Kinder egg knockoffs in Twily, Dashie or Pinkie theme, a bit bigger than the real thing and with air holes at the top, so I don't even know whether there was chocolate in them, and the label was too small to read. I hope Dashie doesn't get her egghead worries over these, haha. But the really odd thing was something I at first thought was a Pez dispenser. But on closer examination it was a Rainbow Dash extendable lollipop! I couldn't make a photo at the time, but imagine a Pez dispenser with a slightly bigger head. You push a lever on the grip and Dashie's head splits in half and the lollipop goodness emerges from it. I found that slightly disturbing. Also, that's a lot of effort put into one lollipop - for 1.50€. I guess the empty shell is for keeping once you've licked Dashie's brain away. (I didn't see any refills offered.) EDIT: Now I realize this is probably so that you can keep it from making things sticky and don't have to consume the whole thing in one go. Arguably this might be even worse for the teeth, giving them sugar in small spread-out doses.