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  1. yayayayayala :3

    Roseluck Fan Club

    i finally come back to see this, awesome! Thanks for bumping this rather dead fan club :3
  2. yayayayayala :3

    Samurai Warrior Twilight Sparkle

    This canNOT be your first attempt!! Amazing! I LOVE THAT ARMOR <3 <3
  3. yayayayayala :3

    Hail and well met!

    Hey! ^^ Hope you're as happy here as I've been ^^ and know that if you ever need someone to talk to we're here.
  4. yayayayayala :3

    When will you put down your Christmas Decoration?

    Well believe it or not I actually still haven't finished my tree o-O TOO MUCH OTHER STUFF TO DO! I'm definitely keeping it up for quite a while :3
  5. yayayayayala :3

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    371032 I'M BAACK~:3
  6. yayayayayala :3

    Gaming Mettaton Fan Club [Undertale]

    I agree wholeheartedly! XP
  7. yayayayayala :3

    Gaming Mettaton Fan Club [Undertale]

    Haha, made me think of this :3 I love the idea of them two having a pose off haha! ^^
  8. yayayayayala :3

    Gaming Mettaton Fan Club [Undertale]

    Yea, and those awesome spiky shoulder...thingies...whatever they're called lol! XP Haha, I know right? THAT'S really his most defining feature :3
  9. yayayayayala :3

    Gaming Mettaton Fan Club [Undertale]

    I would have thought it would be a problem too, but apparently not. XP I guess it would be pretty easy for Alphys to rebuild his limbs ^^ Also there are three good reasons for redoing the battle: the music, the essay, and METTATON >:3 XD I died the first time but I didn't write anything in that essay so I got to do it again (I'd moved all the crab apples out of my inventory prior to the fight and forgot to move them back XP)
  10. yayayayayala :3

    Gaming Mettaton Fan Club [Undertale]

    Yea, I'm playing Pacifist run and when everyone was calling in I was like Awwh, that's so sweet! ^^ How could anyone destroy that? I think I'm going to HAVE to spare Mettabae and Glad Dummy...XP I already accidentally killed goat mom so I guess I could live with that, but I don't think I could kill those two. ^^;
  11. yayayayayala :3

    Gaming Mettaton Fan Club [Undertale]

    Exactly why I posted it~!
  12. yayayayayala :3

    Kill the User Above with the item to your left.

    A candle that smells like "Marshmallow Fireside" OHHH YES!!!! <3 <3 Hehe thanks ^^
  13. yayayayayala :3

    Gaming so.. what peoples feelings on Undertale?

    Haha, that's exactly what I want to do That music is so catchy! I haven't heard RichaadEB's versions though, I'mma have to do that! :3
  14. yayayayayala :3

    Kill the User Above with the item to your left.

    My drawing tablet and pen! >:3