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  1. Envy

    Technology Best/worst computer brands.

    My experience with Toshiba and Dell computers has been pretty good. My Toshiba laptops have lasted a long time. My experience with HP was absolutely horrible, so I will never get them again.
  2. Envy

    Gaming Any Kirby fans?

    I loved Kirby 64 back in the day, but I'm afraid I have had a hard time playing any other Kirby game. I hate to sound shallow, but I think part of it is in the visuals. Kirby 64 was a 2D platformer like all other Kirby games, but it didn't look like one, the environments were all in full 3D, it's just that Kirby was going down a set path. I wish they'd make a Kirby game like that again.
  3. I was getting better at walking almost daily during the late fall and winter. But now the weather's too hot and bright, so a halt has been put onto that idea until either it becomes safe enough to go walking indoors again or late autumn comes back.
  4. I haven't been to a movie theater since, like, late 2015. So, probably not.
  5. I honestly thought people knew and that I didn't even have to say it. :O I started using this username due to me being envious of other people with much better talent in music than I and also me be very envious other women who were much prettier than I. I originally started using it (or came up with it, anyway) back in high school when I was at my worst with that (and there were individuals who met both categories at the same time and were bringing me down all of the time), but kept using it when I came here because it still kinda fit.
  6. Oh, no, absolutely not! No one should ever envy me! I'm shocked anyone would actually read it that way. I've never heard that in all of my years of using the username. lol
  7. Indeed. As far as I'm concerned the whole of the plains, southeast and most of the midwest is just straight-up unlivable. People treat tornadoes like a joke where I live, too, and that's just ridiculous. They are extremely dangerous and I am terrified every single Spring. I've come to the conclusion that the Northeast is the best place to live in the US climate-wise. Tornadoes are rare, hurricanes are possible (unfortunately) but are rare. The biggest thing I'd be worried about when looking for a house is that it's not in an area that floods, as that happens everywhere. I also very m
  8. I would definitely move to somewhere in New England. If I had the option to pick any of the states regardless of expense, probably Massachusetts. I know, I have said New Hampshire and Maine in the past, but they are a bit too conservative for my tastes. Of course, any of the New England states are a paradise compared to the deep red territory I live in and I would be so happy to end up in either Maine or New Hampshire (just as long as we're in a blue area). No matter where in those areas the climate would be one thousand times better than where I live. I would turn into a completely diffe
  9. Where I live, winter is really the only nice season. I also love winter in general, so there's that.
  10. While the anniversary update was certainly far better than the last few, sadly it just isn't the update I was hoping for and fails to give me any faith for the future of updates for NH. I guess the game will just never meet its potential. *sigh*
  11. We tried that in the beginning, but it has kinda fallen to the wayside.
  12. What sucks is that we Spring Forward so early in March before we even hit the Spring Equinox, meanwhile we Fall Back more than a month after the Autumnal Equinox. It's very uneven. =/
  13. Me returning to college for music and getting my Bachelor's degree after I had completely given up on any of that was neat. Also I am pretty proud of my progress I made as a musician during that time, as I learned to play much more expressively than I ever had before. Of course, I can't not mention that I had a great individual that inspired me and a great teacher that encouraged me, allowing all of this happen. Without them, I don't think it would have ever happened.
  14. Envy

    Technology How old is your computer?

    It will be seven in October.
  15. Christmas (or as I celebrate it, the Winter Solstice) is my top favorite holiday. It is at the best time of the year, when nature is quiet and peaceful and the weather is at the nicest. I love decorating for the season, too. The lights and trees are so fun to put up! I suppose second would be Thanksgiving, but that's really just because of the time of the year it is. Late November is such a nice time of the year. I would say the same for Halloween, but I really don't like Halloween itself, I just like the time of the year lol.
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