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About Me



♫ Winter Nocturne ♫


First of all, I am not a 'Brony'. I joined this community when it started because it was called "MLP Forums" and I wanted a place to discuss my new-found interest in the show. I've stuck around only with that in mind.

Hi, I am 30. I'm studying musicology/music. I play the oboe and bassoon. I really love woodwind and brass instruments! Aren't you surprised? I mean, I've been playing them for over half my life, now. I'm a self-proclaimed "Crazy Woodwind Lady". Trust me, it's a fitting title. I own a lot of them.


Otherwise, I like listening to and discovering new music, I like watching cartoons and anime, and I like history with a specific interest in pre-19th century Europe history/ancient history and music history (hence my field of study).


(for more detail, with some commentary on select series - more coming as I have time)

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Bassoon, Oboe, Trombone, French Horn, and Flute:




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Saxophone (In Background/Profile Banner): From FiM itself. I poorly vectored it. If you want it, I have it hosted



Looking for MORE quality MLP style woodwind and brass instruments if you're up to it! I would love you forever (I can't draw!)! (Especially bass clarinet, clarinet, and English horn)