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  1. Get your napkins my friends. Because this is sad. I'm no longer considering myself a brony, or any sort of fan of the My Little Pony fandom. Why not? I'm not so interested in the show as of now, or content created by the show's fanbase. No, I'm not going to ridicule you bronies/pegasisters. The show did help with my depression and anxiety. But now the show is no longer active (until the next series). I do not really watch it, and the episodes are getting more boring haha... But yeah, goodbye foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! (maybe)
  2. I was just wondering if anybody on the forum is a developer of some-sort? I do a lot of web development, I usually make PHP scripts. I use a lot of frameworks such as: SASS; RainTPL. I'm making a CMS using both RainTPL and SASS. I can do application development such as C# and C++ but I'm so-so at it. Python sucks, never trust Python...
  3. I don't see any of these, I have adblock Although popup ads and extension detectors can detect that you're using it and can still display the popups or block you from the website until you disable to extension. Gotta love 8crap.
  4. Lato

    Gaming Childhood games?

    I wasn't a 90s kid or anything, so I didn't have a gamecube or N64 when I grew up. The first console I own is my Xbox Original. The most memorable games I have are: The Simpsons: Hit & Run; Sonic Riders; Spongebob: Battle of Bikini Bottom.
  5. MINT IMPERIALS ALWAYS!!! Gum is for gross people who like to chew on whale fat
  6. Yeah, same. There's been fireworks since Monday here. They've stopped now though We celebrate because King James the first survived the gun powder plot attempt to blow up the houses of parliament.
  7. Me too, fireworks are the best! We had sparklers too Fireworks are hard to capture, my camera isn't the best.
  8. Yes, November the 5th is where we celebrate a terrorist act here in England. Just some photographs of the fireworks. I didn't see any Bonfire Night posts here...
  9. She like sit here more though
  10. I don't think so, but there is a hell of a lot of tat with Frozen slapped on it :/
  11. I heard North Korea have no women rights and stuff. Salute the South!
  12. North or South? They do have their own flags do they not?
  13. (Just wondering if anybody had any favourite flags? Must only be a list of 5 maximum. You can have a reason why if you wish. 1) Union Jack (mother land) 2) Flag of Italy (my father's family originates from here) 3) Europe (best continent in the world) 4) Australia (I got family there) 5) Wales (It has a dragon)
  14. I crave cold beverages, and its Autumn now too. I'm just helping my cold grow :|
  15. This is fine, everything is fine.
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