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  1. fimdash

    S04:E14 - Filli Vanilli

    Loved this one, and probably my favorite so far this season. Fluttershy was so cute in this episode and her singing sounds beautiful (even Flutterguy xD). I enjoyed the songs a lot, and I also thought the episode idea was really creative. Hats off to the creators for this one episodes like these rekindle my bronydom a bit.
  2. fimdash

    Sweetie Belle fan club

    SWEETIE BELLE IS THE BEST CMC. THIS IS INDISPUTABLE I LOVE HER (IN A STRICTLY CUTE SENSE BTW) <3 Seriously though, best CMC and a really nice character I remember taking this test where it ranks your favorite characters from a show, and when I put in MLP characters Sweetie Belle ranked among the top 5 or 6 IIRC. It kinda surprises me that Sweetie's my favorite CMC and not Scootaloo, because I used to be really into doing scooter tricks a good amount of years ago. I initially thought Scoots was gonna be my fav cause we both like scootering, but Sweetie Belle stole that title with her adorable squeaks as well as her cute demeanor.
  3. fimdash

    Favorite song in Season 4?

    Ehhhh the S4 songs haven't been that memorable for the most part to me, but I'd probably go with Generosity. Pretty nice song, and the reprise was sexyyyy. The songs in Pinkie Pride and Filli Vanilli were pretty nice too. Oh yeah, should mention that I haven't heard the songs from the upcoming finale yet.
  4. fimdash

    What Makes You Happy?

    There are a few things missing on this list
  5. fimdash

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Sexy beyond words.. simply perfection..
  6. fimdash

    Gaming Favorite Weapon in the Halo series

    It only takes 3 shots in the head to die from a Halo 1 pistol.
  7. fimdash

    Gaming Favorite Weapon in the Halo series

    dat Halo 1 pistol be so OP Hmm honestly it's probably the Battle Rifle from Halo 2. It just looks really cool, and I love the style of the weapon. Short powerful bursts and handy medium to long range. My kinda gun The energy sword is awesome as heck too.
  8. ~Silver Essence~, because he once had an Alicorn Rarity avvie
  9. fimdash

    Best Insults

    "The jerk store called... they're running out of you!" Gotta love Seinfeld xD
  10. Son of Ran and Messangers have put out some sweet stuff
  11. fimdash

    Why I love pizza

    Thanks for making me hungry D:<
  12. fimdash

    Best feeling of relief

    There's nothing quite like getting home after a long day out and just resting your feet and going on the computer. Seriously, I love that
  13. fimdash

    What are you listening to right now?

    The National is awesome
  14. fimdash

    Music What's your ringtone?

    I just use the standard one on my iPhone, but it's usually on vibrate or silent. Waay back in the day when I had a flip phone, I remember I used to have Boys Don't Cry by The Cure as my ringtone. Yes, I copied that from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I just thought it made an awesome ringtone when Michael Cera had that as his in the movie xD
  15. fimdash

    Gaming What's your favorite board/card game?

    I like playing Chess and Monopoly. Can't say I'm really good at Chess (especially if I compare myself to competitive players), but it's a fun game and I'd definitely like to improve. Monopoly is just a fun party game that makes time go by fast. As for card games, I like playing Yu-Gi-Oh! a lot. Poker is pretty fun too, if that counts.
  16. Rainbow Dash because it was so cute the way she read to Twilight in the fanfic Reading Rainbow Hmm definitely an interesting question. Hearing any of the Mane 6 narrating a story would be delightful, but I think Twilight would be the best choice. She's smart, well-read, and I'm sure she knows her grammar and pronunciation, so there'd be no problem with her butchering words or stuff like that. It's likely that she's had prior experience narrating too, since she's such a reading nut. Oh yeah, can't deny that her voice is lovely to listen to so that's one more reason. You can just tell that she'd get really into it, due to her affinity for a good story.
  17. fimdash

    Gaming MLP' Yu-Gi-Oh! Thread

    Uhh yeah I can't play right now though xD sorry. I'll PM you my username sometime
  18. fimdash

    Gaming MLP' Yu-Gi-Oh! Thread

    Ah. Always nice to go against standard builds, right? xD I try to tech as much as I can toooo
  19. fimdash

    Gaming MLP' Yu-Gi-Oh! Thread

    Are you talking about your Frog deck or your Ninja deck? and weird how?
  20. fimdash

    Gaming MLP' Yu-Gi-Oh! Thread

    I'm not getting the notifications :/ I'll just follow the thread. That's cool. My friend had a Frog Monarch deck so I've got some experience facing that. He used to always make Slacker Magician which was kind of hard to get over. Caius is great too, of course. Haven't really played Mist Ninjas much though.