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Everything posted by fimdash

  1. Goin' ham you know what it is

  2. Haters in the building I ain't trippin' gonna do it big tonight

  3. *gasps*

    1. Clarity



    2. fimdash


      We got some haters in the building

    3. Clarity


      The weeaboos?


      Aw, who cares.

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  4. What's good in the hood?

  5. BABSCon. We out?

    1. Nohbdy


      You know it, old chap. Let's get ready to PARRRRRRTAAAY!

  6. Thanks for making me hungry D:<
  7. "Last Active Today, 05:35 AM" Wow

  8. There's nothing quite like getting home after a long day out and just resting your feet and going on the computer. Seriously, I love that
  9. They lied when they said the good die young

  10. Spring break is going by so fast :(

    1. Flutter's lover <3

      Flutter's lover <3

      No, it didn't. lol.

    2. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      yeah i thought it was monday and its already wednesday lol

    3. fimdash


      Can you believe it's already Thursday, and Thursday's almost over too? Wow

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  11. I noticed that our avatars look pretty similar

    1. Legacy Dash

      Legacy Dash

      They do, only difference is yours looks about 20% cooler. ;)

      That avatar you've got now is probably my favorite out of all your avatars.

    2. fimdash


      Thanks :3 I saw it on Google Images one day and knew I had to use it

  12. I just use the standard one on my iPhone, but it's usually on vibrate or silent. Waay back in the day when I had a flip phone, I remember I used to have Boys Don't Cry by The Cure as my ringtone. Yes, I copied that from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I just thought it made an awesome ringtone when Michael Cera had that as his in the movie xD
  13. I like playing Chess and Monopoly. Can't say I'm really good at Chess (especially if I compare myself to competitive players), but it's a fun game and I'd definitely like to improve. Monopoly is just a fun party game that makes time go by fast. As for card games, I like playing Yu-Gi-Oh! a lot. Poker is pretty fun too, if that counts.
  14. Need to head out but can't find belt. Snapp

    1. ponchomonkey
    2. fimdash


      Aww :3 thanks. Umm I won't be home until kinda late at night. Sorry for constantly letting you down Clari :(

    3. ponchomonkey


      I'm just glad to see you again :). Hope you're doing well.

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  15. Finally caught up with MLP. Really liking some of the season 4 eps

    1. fimdash


      That's pretty much how I feel exactly

    2. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      btw, I think that's my favorite avatar of yours

    3. fimdash


      I like it a lot too :3

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  16. Gotta figure out some real life stuff, so I'll be taking a somewhat short hiatus from here. Just letting you all know!

  17. I hate leaving my calculator at home :(

    1. Obsolete


      Ah, this takes me back. I used to leave valuables at home all the time. xD

    2. fimdash


      Crap, I think I lost it :/

    3. fimdash


      I ended up finding it for those who are curious lol

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  18. Rainbow Dash because it was so cute the way she read to Twilight in the fanfic Reading Rainbow Hmm definitely an interesting question. Hearing any of the Mane 6 narrating a story would be delightful, but I think Twilight would be the best choice. She's smart, well-read, and I'm sure she knows her grammar and pronunciation, so there'd be no problem with her butchering words or stuff like that. It's likely that she's had prior experience narrating too, since she's such a reading nut. Oh yeah, can't deny that her voice is lovely to listen to so that's one more reason. You can just tell that she'd get really into it, due to her affinity for a good story.
  19. Uhh yeah I can't play right now though xD sorry. I'll PM you my username sometime
  20. Ah. Always nice to go against standard builds, right? xD I try to tech as much as I can toooo