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  1. fimdash

    Wasn't going to watch it

    wow, damn. 8.9 on IMDb too
  2. fimdash

    Movies/TV The Madoka Magica Thread

    Oh wow, me likey The second one would definitely be a nice choice, but it's kinda spoilery so I'd abstain from using it. I'd go with the third one. Looks nice
  3. fimdash

    My life according to: Metallica

    seems like a fun survey to fill out
  4. fimdash

    Movies/TV Most underrated movies?

    Shawshank Redemption isn't underrated at all dude xP it's one of the most acclaimed movies of all time. It's the #1 top rated movie on IMDb's top 250 list.
  5. fimdash

    Are you weird or a class clown?

    I used to be one of the goofballs back in middle school xP so I guess I was one of the class clowns/weird ones. I was pretty boisterous when I was younger, but as time went on I ended up mellowing out and now I'm kinda quiet. It's weird, because it's usually the other way around for people.
  6. fimdash

    Guess That Reference!

    workaholics "Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof."
  7. fimdash

    Agree Or Disagree

    agree. i like it too rainbow pony is best pony
  8. Since this anime is filled with all sorts of hilarious and great scenes, what are some of your favorite scenes from it?
  9. guy was a good actor. RIP to the man
  10. fimdash


    oh my xD
  11. Yay an Oreimo thread this anime is pretty sweet. It was an interesting experience watching it as a brony (those who have seen the show know what I'm talking about). I wasn't too big a fan of the ending, but the series was very enjoyable for the most part and features a lot of great characters. I think I liked season 1 more than season 2, but some of my favorite scenes from the show were in season 2. Oh, and Kuroneko is just the cutest thing ever <3
  12. fimdash

    Imitate the user above you!

    dashie <3 that was easy. i didn't even have to imitate you since we're similar enough as it is
  13. I heard people got pretty pissed over it (probably because they felt betrayed by McCarthy), but I didn't care at all. I was just like "Oh, if it isn't Flash Sentry." I knew he was gonna be in the episode since I read about it before I saw the episode, so it wasn't a surprise or anything.
  14. fimdash

    S04:E11 - Three's a Crowd

    Didn't like this episode at all. I was bored throughout it, and Discord was a douche. It really annoyed me how he went about trying to ruin Twilight and Cadance's time together. The lesson and the whole plot was just kind of stupid. On the bright side, they had Twilight use her wings. Glad that she's finally starting to use them more. But yeah, that's how I feel. Just my opinion though.
  15. fimdash

    20+ thread

    I've been 20 since mid December 2013 Hmm I was never that good at introductions, but I'll give it a try.. So I'm a guy and I got into MLP around October 2012. My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash she's super cute and awesome. Asides from MLP, I have pretty typical interests, like going on the computer, hanging out with friends, listening to music, watching movies/tv shows, reading, etc. I am currently in college. That's um.. pretty much it I suppose.
  16. fimdash

    What are you listening to right now?

    Cut Short by The Honorary Title <33
  17. fimdash

    Chinese New Year

  18. fimdash

    Do you look younger or older then you really are?

    I'd say I look my age. Whenever people guess how old I am, their guesses are usually no more than a year off. I guess that's a good thing
  19. fimdash

    State a fact about the user above you

    used to be called MissMachine
  20. fimdash

    State a fact about the user above you

    seems to like Rarijack you are correct sir
  21. fimdash

    Movies/TV The Madoka Magica Thread

    Best piece of music?: Not sure if I have a favorite. I love some of the stuff from this video: Best song? (Note: Song, not tunes): I love all of them, but I'm gonna go with Connect by ClariS. Best witch?: Hmm probably Gretchen. Best episode?: Episode 10, hands down. So much becomes clear, and it was one of those episodes that bump up your appreciation for the show. Also, the feels Best Drama CD?: Haven't checked those out, so I can't say atm. I'll check them out sometime soon since I hear they're quite good Best movie?: Only seen the third one, so Rebellion. I plan to watch the other two at some point, though. Probably when Rebellion comes out on DVD, so I can spend a day watching through the three movies. Best support/side character?: Probably Madoka's mom, since she gave Madoka plenty of advice and was just a good character in general. The other supporting characters didn't really do much at all. The show was really centered around the main characters. Best scene?: I can't choose, since there were so many great ones. Best ship?: Sayaka x Kyoko is OTP :3 Best friendship?: I really liked Mami and Kyoko's friendship in The Different Story, but when it comes to the show I guess I'd say Sayaka and Madoka. Most tragic character?: Homura. You just feel so bad for her sometimes especially after seeing episode 10. Sayaka was quite tragic as well. Best power/weapon?: I like Homura's time abilities the most, I think. Time stuff is always cool, and it's really badass when she uses all her guns and bombs. Best Madoka game?: Never played any.
  22. fimdash

    State a fact about the user above you

    used to have a heart in his username
  23. fimdash

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    yeah, it's sugary cereal would you wear this?