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Everything posted by fimdash

  1. I really love a good cover especially when an artist changes the style in a unique way. Here's a cover that Jarrod Gorbel from The Honorary Title did for the song No One by Alicia Keys. He's one of my favorite singers, and he really made this song his own.
  2. what a fast week

    1. Obsolete


      I KNOW, RIGHT?!

  3. fimdash


    Welcome My friend got me into the show too, and Fluttershy was my favorite initially so we're pretty similar in that respect. I like Rainbow Dash more now though. Cya around!
  4. that mami tomoe avvie ;_;

    1. Sugar Cube

      Sugar Cube

      What about it? ;P

    2. fimdash
    3. Sugar Cube

      Sugar Cube

      Thankies. Yours is lovely too. :3

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  5. You know, I like to use Google to search before I decide to make a thread. It's not the site's way to look for threads, but it works all the same. To do so, you go on the Google search bar and type in *SEARCH KEYWORDS* Here's how it should look: Just one way to do it thought I'd throw out a different approach that works quite well in my opinion. If no results are popping up and you're trying out a good amount of keywords relating to the thread you wanna make, it's likely that you're fine.
  6. I need to find a way to break this habit of having too many tabs open at once

    1. fimdash


      I have a hard time closing them because i always feel like i'll want to go back to them at some later point :l

    2. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      Oh, I usually just have like a few open at a time.

    3. fimdash


      yeah, that's better. i'm trying to be more like that xP

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    1. Rainblow H. Ash
    2. fimdash


      this is.. this is just.. i don't even know what to do

    3. Rainblow H. Ash

      Rainblow H. Ash

      Don't worry, in another year, Rainbow Dash will turn her head again and be facing to the left, and then the year after she'll be facing away. She's going to come full circle, just you watch!

  8. yayyy home from school

  9. THE FIRST THING I SAY IN THE MORNING IS FUCK THAT SHIT! Sorry, I had to Hope the DGD fans here caught the reference Anyway, I don't really say anything. I just force myself up and get ready to go to class. When it's the weekend, I sleep in and don't really say anything either.
  10. so i just ate this one candy i found lying around in my kitchen. kinda tastes like it's expired. hm

    1. Bojo


      Hey, at least it was free... kinda

  11. lying down when you're tired feels so good

    1. Clarity


      Not dying when you don't wanna die feels so good too x3

    2. fimdash


      they lied when they said the good die young

  12. I'm really looking forward to seeing Interstellar. It looks like it's going to be very good, and it's directed by Christopher Nolan (and you can't go wrong with him). I'm not even that much of a sci-fi fan, but the trailer got me very interested
  13. OMG what have i been doing all this time. procrastination ends now

    1. Clarity


      What ya up to, Fimmy? :P

    2. Obsolete


      I should do the same...


      But look! Distractions!

    3. fimdash




      trying to do hw haha. i was goofing off so much earlier xP

  14. one of my favorite Protest the Hero songs
  15. I kinda like 7, 10, and 13. Not sure why, they just seem like nice numbers to me :3
  16. This is my setup :3 basically my laptop with a monitor and some speakers and stuff.
  17. i got school off today toooo high five bro
  18. no schooool

    1. fimdash


      class canceled

    2. Nohbdy


      Wow, lucky. I have a midterm.

    3. fimdash


      that sucks dude. my next one's like in a little over a week

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  19. attempt at sleeping early: failed

  20. cuuute avvie :3 makes me wanna make my avatar something Madoka again

    1. Obsolete


      Do eeeettt! :3

  21. One of my most memorable moments was an intense match of Halo 2 between me and a good friend. I believe the score was around 16-24, and it was 25 to game. I was the guy on the losing end, and when it only takes one more kill to lose, it's easy to lose hope. My friend was certain he had game, but you know what they say: pride goes before a fall. I tried my best to stay alive and be tactful, and managed to get a few kills in until it was around 20-24. I could tell that it made my friend a bit uneasy, but he was still fairly confident. Closing up such a huge gap is no easy feat, and I think it was a mix of skill and luck that lead to me tying up the score to 24-24. I'm sure we both had sweaty palms, and in the end I managed to take game There was that other time when I got my first level 99 in woodcutting on Runescape. I was pretty happy about that too
  22. yeah...
  23. Harmonic Revelations would be my guess This user is somewhat named after a rapper
  24. That's Daring This user has a blushing Dashie avvie