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  1. OMG WHY DOES THIS LOOK SO ADORABLE!? i also randomly drew a pinkie pie equestria girls avatar ^^ i hope you guys like my drawings ^^ its has been a while since i came on here...i dont really use this site much anymore...heh... ANYWAYS! I LOVE YOU ALL AND STUFF AND YEAH AND IM REALLY HYPER RIGHT NOW!
  2. WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK ALL GAMERS ARE BOYS! ok im sorry but every single person who has commented on this has said Fan boy...girls play games too...seriously...
  3. wjo likes my new prof pic? HIPSTER SKULLY!!

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    2. Doctor Derpy

      Doctor Derpy

      I was derp before it was cool, seriously I was

    3. Remi
    4. KitsuneSoul108


      Skully was Hipster before it was cool..

  4. haha cool!is illustrator free? i have photoshop but im not very good at using it haha ohhh right!!! haha whoops whoopsie dooopsy loopsy haha!
  5. HAHA I LOVE DARK THINGS!!! ^^ THATS A REALLY COOL VECTORR!!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU DREW DAT OMG! oh and my sickness?? haha what do you mean? Im not emo haha it says so in the description ^^
  6. mhhmm cuz i used a star for the horn thhingo... cool... Id rather just use the colours i used thanks for your feed back though... With all due respects Skully
  7. fancy seeing you here..... thanks... wat?.... its not a star...its her horn glowing.. and its an evil transformation... what? do you want me to make the star fluro pink? XD haha yes i did ^^ i have gimp but its on my computer in australia and i agree the effects are better but im nof very good at using gimp haha and yes please! id love it if you could!
  8. haha yeah... thankies! *hugs* ^^ haha i added it to the descripto thanks for reminding me XP *hugs* off balance? oh shes meant to be sort of glowing XP haha awwwh thank you so muuch!! ^^ *hugs you and gives you muffins*
  9. well since i am a female i guess most would say "dont listen to her shes a giiirl girls only play BARBIE!" well thats not true at all i am a big fan of cod and mmo rpg games I like all consoles I dont know i mean when i was smaller i really liked the xbox (the orignal one) then at the same time i enjoyed pc and ps I likes age of empires on the pc because i loved the music and the way you can control people and build little houses and defend your village haha GOOD TIMES! c,: but now of course we have much more advanced games with MUCH better graphics I mean dont we all remember pokemon when it first came out? you could get it in blue OR red "mummy i want the red one" "ok sweety" two hours later "mom my head hurts i wanna try the blue one!" yeah thats why i used to be scared of playi_ng other pokemon games...IT GAVE ME HEAD ACHES! haha but now that we have much more advanced games i guess id depends on the cosole your using. most video games are best if there NOT based on a movie. but they are best if they were made for that console. it depends on what the user is most interested in shooter, mmorpg, violent games etc those were just examples for example if you really like shooting annd mmorpg it may be best to get an xbox 360 since you can chat with friends and play online. but the ps is good too i guess the ps has been around for a looong time. I guess alot of games are good on that console too! I also LOVE the playstation I cant choose i love all consoles mainly because ive tried pretty much all of themXP do you guys *know bajo and hex from good game? well Hex/Stephanie is my cousin! personally i like all consoles even nintendo! I reeallly like the Wii U buut there is also a simular console to the wii U...The play station Vita now the play station vita is good too maybe not as good as th wii U but its good! ^^ AHHHH IVE TYPED SO MUCH!!! IM SUCH A GEEK AND A NEERRDDD!!! XD well c ya! With all due respects skully
  10. its meant to be emo.... ...I dont do vectors and you cant critic someone and say it dosent look like a vector so it sucks... ...Its meant to be her past...Basically shes turning evil...shes going through some sort of evil transformation... mhhmm...bye With all due respects Skully
  11. you likey? haha i was bored its not that good cuz im kinda sick at the moment ^^ I hope you likey!! I did spend quite alot of time on it I wanted to draw her like this cuz i was listening to this and it matched with her past / mine... please dont get worried im not depressed or emo i just thought this song was so catchy!! and it matched really well with skullys past ^^ EDIT: SHES GOING THROUGH AN EVIL TRANSFORMATION!!!!!! With all due respects skully ^^
  12. ...I missed my cousin so frikin much yesterday i almost fahking cried....

  13. my dads getting remarried....great just great...mly real mom is still alive...WHY IS LIFE SO DIFIUCULT!?

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    2. ~Sole~


      What he said...

    3. skullgal56


      haha thanks soul

    4. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      Of course its no fun going through something such as that... But yeah if you need to get things off your chest don't hold things in cause you will end up feeling much worse later on. Talk to a friend or someone to give you some help/guidance. I don't like that feeling of not know what to do or how to handle a situation due to the circumstances. But yeah with that being said hang in there and hope things lighten up for you in due time.

  14. i hate my used to be fave cuz....

    1. Bitter To The Taste
    2. Zygen


      ;/. You need to talk about it?