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  1. Hello, Lyre. Been a while since I visited your page.

    1. ASocialyAwkwardPony


      Ohai, well I haven't been very active on the forums in a long while

  2. To be fair, SR4 got most of those plus you get to play as a superhero yourself, so there is that
  3. Brian, as in the family dog? Yeah I am okay with that. After watching the episode with Quagmire's dad turning out to be transsexual and Brian being the most transphobic little shit of them all I have hated his guts and I never particularly cared for his character to begin with. As long as they don't kill off Stewie or Quagmire it's cool to me.
  4. Every single stereotype that is not used by the people who are stereotyped themselves as a ironic joke I would say is pretty bad, as it is major generalization of entire groups of people based on a misguided and hateful belief that everyone is the same based on their "category". Personally I like the stereotype about Norwegians being vikings who play Black Metal while riding dragons because it's so obviously detached from reality, but if someone where to claim I live in a hut in the forest without electricity I would metaphorically smack them in the face. Other major stereotypes that I see way too often and that I hate are: -"All gay men are flamboyant and all gay girls are hyper-masculine" -"All minorities have only one trait based on their ethnicity" -"All Muslims are terrorists, and everyone who don't believe in Christ are evil" -"Everyone who have a left wing political view are rooting for North Korea and Stalin" -"Women suck at the things men are good at and are only good at shallow stuff like fashion" -"All Emos and Nu-Metal fans do nothing but cut themselves and whine without justification or reason for it"
  5. "we hate them dirty feminists!" said the angry white bronies angrily, while watching the feminist show by the feminist cartoon maker.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ASocialyAwkwardPony


      Because venting and satire

    3. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Bad excuse for such nonsense. You have your gripes of actions in that thread, but spreading it out here is completely needless and could start drama someday. In other words, doing so can get YOU into trouble. I don't recommend spilling thread- or user-related gripes out here, ever.

    4. Remi


      "Instead of spreading your gripes out here and risking unnecessary drama, why not actually just keep them confined in the thread only? "


      okay i know im really late but come on dark qivit do you really have to do this


      apply for a moderating position since you feel like your sense of right and wrong is so completely correct.

  6. Not to be rude but is this really a topic to make a thread out of? As mentioned earlier, all schools have kids who like different things, and if we are going to point "at the weird ones" it could quickly devolve into bullying.
  7. Looking forward to see what they can cook up, the YouTube FAQ shorts they did some years back was pretty funny so it's clear they still have it in them
  8. Doctor told me my heart is beating out of rhythm due to my stress levels, and I have no way to possibly reduce them... I am kinda scared.

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    2. Fluttershyfan94


      Well, she never did either everybody just had to be calm around her. But good luck to you, it sure will be harder without somehow getting away from the stress.

    3. Remnants


      Oh dear... Um, would settling to another town or emigrating altogether be an option?

    4. ASocialyAwkwardPony


      Not really since I am living on wellfare and still living at my parents place due to that. If I had the funds for it I would have considered moving to England and into Brighton.

  9. No stereotype is 100% true. Some can be more true than others in certain areas, but truth is everyone is different and there is never going to be a case of absolutely everyone in a country, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, subculture or anything else fitting into the stereotype no matter what Hollywood tries to make us think of that way too often.
  10. Suddenly, snails in the salad... well, time to never ever eat that kind of salad ever again...

  11. Someone mentioned somewhere that "something bad would happen during the season premiere for Season 4", can anybody tell me what that is all about (without spoilers of course)?

    1. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      The new Youtube comment's section happens in the priemere. o:

    2. Friendship_Cannon
    3. Suitaloo


      It's probably just someone trying to rile people up. I doubt they'd make anything really bad happen.

  12. The new YouTube and Google+ merging thing is the worst possible thing.

    1. Radiance64


      Yes, it is. >.>