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  1. I've been angry/sad all day dealing with a depressive episode of just feeling lonely. Also found out that someone I care about died as well. Also having a different friend struggle with his wife leaving him. Today is not a good day.
  2. Today I caught a Kadabra. I saw him on the Nearby list when I got home and rushed to go get him. I saw a Blastoise as well but I couldn't find him in time before he despawned.
  3. I have been feeling pretty good lately. I have been getting into Pokemon Go which has been getting me outside a lot which helps with the anxiety.
  4. Yep I sure do. I worry a lot but it helps get work done though.
  5. So exhausted. This week has been filled with working until I go to bed and waking up to work again. Thankfully it is all over now and I get to have tomorrow off.
  6. All day headaches arent much fun >~< I've feeling decent. A bit internally confused but fine overall.
  7. Im felling happier today. I was losing focus at work but got it back. Being down makes working difficult sometimes. I ended up being at work for an extra 3 hours to catch up.
  8. Im feeling down today. I couldnt stay focused at work and didnt get a lot done.
  9. Today is a much better day. I feel happy despite it being a work day. I also made my first contribution to stackoverflow.
  10. Today is another down day. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.
  11. Today I feel content. I didnt get too much done but I am feeling ok at least.
  12. Microsoft wants everyone on 10 as they are planning on developing things for Windows 10 specifically. Notably, they are trying to get Xbox games be developed in such a way so that they work for both Xbox and Windows 10. They probably have other things in the works besides that. I do not like the things they are doing to force people to upgrade though. Dismissing an upgrade window should not be considered consenting to the upgrade nor should forcing the user to dismiss or delay the upgrade every few days or so. If you wish to stay on windows 7 I would recommend grabbing never10 to stop the upgrade from occurring. If the upgrade happens, you are able to revert it but only for the first few weeks I think.
  13. 400476 40.0476% of the way there!
  14. I tried having long hair but it likes to get in my way. Im sticking with short hair for now until I get a desire to do it again.
  15. Theres some phone games that encourage exercise. For example, Zombie Run. Its a game that you play while running outside. Personally, I listen to music or videos while running on the treadmill. I have a hard time scheduling time for it but its only a small part of the day.