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  1. Starswirl the Trixie

    Movies/TV Foreign Films

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned "The Lives of Others" yet. There's that. The recently released "La Grande Bellezza" is also worth seeing.
  2. Starswirl the Trixie


    An overused meme coming from the season premier? Does this not sound like deja vu? Or, rather, deja goo?
  3. This anthology was much darker than the past ones, but I appreciated that. My favorite part had to be the MA Larson references. Or the random bit at 15:08.
  4. What do you mean, "have to"? That's the best reason to come.
  5. Starswirl the Trixie


    All of my yes. Either that or, on the season's final episode, reveal that the entire show was one of Trixie's elaborate daydreams. Like the PONIES!!! comic series. http://poniesbangbangbang.tumblr.com/page/7
  6. Well that's the premier. I'll do some reflecting, but there was a lot of it that I didn't particularly like. The scene of Twilight leaving Everfree and coming back felt terribly contrived and should've been edited out. And Equestria hasn't discovered anything new, apparently, as this great catastrophe was just a reflection from the past. Still not clear how the alliance of Discord+Mane6+EoH+Tree of Harmony+Crystal Heart+Crystal Empire+Equestrian army+three other alicorns can be rivaled. Nor have we learned why Twilight was coronated and why she was at that specific time. The premie
  7. Exactly how many deux ex machinas (machini?) can Equestria have? Elements, the weird love spell from Canterlot Wedding, the Crystal Heart, now the tree accessory for the Elements.
  8. WHOA. Discord is in the new intro! He's waving from a window in Fluttershy's cottage
  9. The number of tentacle jokes that will emerge from this episode...
  10. Yeah, I still think Twilight's royalty could've been written better. Her royal duties involve being present for holidays and walks around Canterlot without bodyguards?
  11. Intro is slightly different and Derpy is still there. Good!
  12. Starswirl the Trixie


    As would making her into somepony who agrees with the above picture.
  13. No, Rarity isn't really generous, but she's not the worst offender in terms of going against her element. I think Applejack has had the fewest demonstrations of honesty of the Mane 6. She's also had a fair number of dishonest moments. See Super Cider Squeezy, Party of One, Magic Duel, Last Roundup...
  14. Starswirl the Trixie


    Maybe. I think that Hasbro will have her appear at least once more before the end of the show. Just keep in mind that there's always a risk of Hasbro changing her characterization. Has 4Chan discovered this technique yet? I'd be surprised if they hadn't, but at the same time reverse trolling seems awfully novel. I will assume this was a typo, but it ended up being somewhat true. Rarity does follow traditional gender stereotypes more closely than any other character and the royal sisters do have a de facto "reverse sexist" state where the rulers are all female. Doesn't
  15. Starswirl the Trixie


    You say that as if the title of princess is conferred based on merit. Let's give everypony wings! Or, rather, everyunicorn.
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