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  1. Azaxx

    Post your Desktop

    Mine, split over my dual screen: Senjougahara x Araragi
  2. Azaxx

    Post your Desktop

    I have dual screen, so that's why there are two images in the one. Don't have a source for these ones, but I just google'd; "Mikasa 1290x1080" and used a program to get two images for my wallpaper, instead of one image being shared/split between the monitors.
  3. Azaxx

    Do you say "I love you" why or why not?

    Nope, I don't even know a time where I said it to anyone. I have no plans on changing that regarding my family either, as for like a relationship sort of thing. Never been in that situation to have a chance.
  4. I don't really enjoy holidays, I kinda have had a negative approach to most of them in my life. But, there's one place I have always loved going to, and that's the extreme south coast of Australia. Things I would take that are most important from a quick thought process would be; iPad with headset so I can enjoy music in peace. Cricket set, since it's at a beach, it's good fun there. 3DS, does get boring without a game around for backup. Phone, for the internet hotspot I always have on. Drawing set (pencils/pens/book), self explanatory since I love art. I also assume I get to take clothes, otherwise I would've had that in my list lol.
  5. Azaxx

    What Is Your Opinion On Relationships?

    I think from around 14 is the minimum, or what I would classify as a minimum. Before that and children don't really understand their own feelings, let alone of others they 'love'. It's during a childs later teen years do they understand that type of relationship and emotions that it's best to start I think. Nope, not in any. Being trustworthy is a start, not just in trusting the one you love, but being honest and trusting your own feelings and actions. If you're not honest with yourself, how could one be honest with the one they love? Loyalty and unselfish kindness is a strong value that should be a fundamental component of any relationship. Of course many people could some up with a large list of important factors to a healthy and long lasting relationship, but those two points I think are the most important components.
  6. Azaxx

    Languages You Like

    Same as DerpLeOtakuz, I really wanna learn Japanese to understand anime a lot better without subtitles, being able to read and speak the language would be great if I could one day. I did learn French for 5 years at school, and hated it so I forgot it now. Hopefully that won't happen with Japanese if I were to learn it Dx
  7. Azaxx

    I Feel Like An IT Guy...

    Good luck playing Minesweeper on that.
  8. There is no hard evidence. And no evidence at all of aliens to exist, only probability. So therefore, made by Egyptians.
  9. Azaxx

    What your favorite color says about you!

    My favourite colour yellow is the complete opposite to me in that chart, lol.
  10. Azaxx

    School stress and ponies

    I do nothing, I soak it in, get over it and move on with other shit that I've gotta do. Ponies in no way helps with stress, it's just a form of entertainment, they don't remove the stress, because it will remain alive until dealt with personally.
  11. Azaxx

    Schools in England

    Think that's hard, 2 uniforms we have, and in my level 3 hours a night of work/study.
  12. Azaxx

    Last game you played is your life story

    Fuck yeah, I'm the president of the United States of America whose world gets attacked by an alien force and I get sent into a Matrix type world so I can be broken by the alien overlord. I get super powers and awesome guns and music too, oh and I lift. Yup, Saints Row IV.
  13. Azaxx

    What's your favorite planet?

    Saturn for multiple reasons: It has the second greatest ring system in the universe in my opinion, looks beautiful. It has a massive storm on it which moves around the poles unlike Jupiter's red spot. Has the only moon with running liquid, thick atmosphere, and weather system. Is extremely light, as in doesn't have much mass, would float in an ocean on Earth if it could. 2nd largest planet which has a liquid core. Amongst other reasons I won't bother explaining, it's my favourite planet. Oh and it's kind yellow :3
  14. Azaxx

    You are kidding me.