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  1. It wasn't long before Whisper began to question his situation, having only delayed so much because such thoughts were secondary in Everfree forest, and those woods were the last thing he remembers. This bizarre city, devoid of light and life, what was it? The rubble around suggested a war zone, the empty streets added the idea of a graveyard, both were bad places at night. Who lived here? Was there anything of worth in these old shacks? The laws of Everfree forest demanded no hesitation in seeking answers. (Rolled a four. So basically my choice, right?) Choosing one of the houses, Whisper kick
  2. Whisper heard the cheers of the audience as he finished another ballad upon the stage, blowing kisses as he gave the usual "thank you, you're too kind!" speech. As they cried out for an encore, with which he was more then happy to oblige, he felt a pain in his throat slowly growing. By the time the band readied to play, not a word could pass through poor Whisper's lips. Immediately, the audience let loose all the fury of a scorned world, laughing, booing, crying, damning, cursing, and scorning Whisper with such intensity that they began to look like an enormous maw, twisted into a demonic, wai
  3. Fantastic RP you got here, and I'm really looking forward to it. Name: Whisper Gender: Male Age (human years): 28 Spawn Point (City/Area): Mellshire/ Slums 2 OC Application (Archived OC APP): http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/whisper-rock-aka-whistle-r3344
  4. Majabya

    Open Hunting season

    Madness! That's what this is! Pure madness! Although Whisper's options were few, he had to do something about all this, or he'd go crazy. But what? Lionheart's pressuring of the two hunters was understandable, nay, it was nessicary, but what choice was there in allies? With a whistle, Whisper tried to get everyone's attention as he drew seven circles, two by themselves, and the other five to the side. Pointing to Thunder and himself and then to the two dots, his meaning clear enough. Whisper knew he could take on one of these hunters, so he'd take on the one without a weak spot, leaving the he
  5. Majabya

    Open Hunting season

    Swiggly had proven himself in Whisper's book, but this Lionheart made a sound argument. Better then that, his theory almost seemed to make too much sense. Whisper's thoughts whirled as his gaze went over the other members of the group and began sizing them up. Lionheart seemed like the most professional one here, and the point he made was one that needed to be said. The two hunters seemed to be on the level, but honestly, who could trust them after what Lionheart said. Whisper needed to know more to make up his mind about them, especially seeing as he's the one that's been out of the loop the
  6. Majabya

    Open Hunting season

    Swiggly's erratic movements and eccentric behavior made him a difficult colt to follow, and easily lost Whisper. Unable to continue his pursuit, Whisper headed back to where he saw those tracks earlier, hoping they weren't blown away in the hunter's assault. Some time later, after finding and following the tracks without incident, Whisper saw the main group, and Swiggly too. He also saw two hunters, and feared that the group was actually a bunch of prisoners, possibly awaiting their fate. However, Jake's swift dealing of the hidden hunter proved his standing in the situation. With nothing left
  7. Majabya

    Open Hunting season

    Whisper was both confused and worried by his rescuer's manner. Swiggly's non chalance at more or less exploding a super pony with a crashing rocket was troubling to say the least. That said, it was refreshing to have somone not try to kick/kill him today. So as the saying went, "don't look a gift puppy in the mouth." Against the wishes of the voice in the back of his head screaming, "IT'S A TRAP!", Whisper followed Swiggly.
  8. Majabya

    Open Hunting season

    Whisper lept back as Swiggly's transport squashed the hunter. Needless to say he was shooken up from almost getting hit by a rocket, and eyed this new pony with suspicion. To be fair, though, this was the only pony to give him a proper greeting, and in the wake of a crash no less. As such, Whisper approached, cautiously, to extend his hoof in appreciation. For a voiceless pony it was the only way he could say, "thank you".
  9. Majabya

    Open Hunting season

    He had been going up river for sometime, and soon enough Whisper came across tracks. Just as he bowed his head to investigate further, an arrow flew past it, coming from his left, and exploding as it hit the rocks in the river. He immediately dove for cover behind some large rocks, gathering his senses. "Aww, isn't that cute. You think those rocks will protect you. Ha!" The hunter's laugh was drowned out by explosive arrows breaking the rocks into gravel. Whisper ducked and dodged from rock to rock, trying to make his way up hill and into the woods, only to be intercepted time and again b
  10. Majabya

    Open Hunting season

    ((OOC: edited this post so it wasn't a train wreck, hope nobody saw that, but if ya did, "oops.")) Whisper walked through the woods, an eerily familiar place to him, more or less scouting the area for food and shelter. Eventually he came to a stream, and hoping for some fish to catch he peered into the water. Curiously he found chunks of ice instead. Deciding that little oddity merited investigation, Whisper headed upstream.
  11. Majabya

    Private Facing your Demons RP

    (And everything was going so well), Whisper thought when all the comotion started. He decided that with all the higher ups in the interrogation room could handle themselves, and instead opted to follow Thunder Roller, as any decoy would be needing back up if things went south. However it was difficult to keep up with the speedy pegasus from the ground, and Whisper soon lost sight of him as a few demon ponies jumped in Whisper's way. Not slowing his pace, Whisper slid into a roll, bringing his rear hooves to the front and aiming them upwards for a devastating buck, soundly ending the demon poni
  12. Majabya

    Open Hunting season

    Slowly things came into focus as Whisper began to regain consciousness. Remaining motionless as he gathered his bearings, Whisper noticed that the guards had already removed his bindings and landed the boat. They appeared to be arguing as they waited for him to awake. "We're late." The one on the right said. "O'course we're late havin' ta drag dis jerk around!" Lefty exclaimed. "Say, Why ya think he was so 'evy anyway? I bet he's gots rocks fer hooves." He continued, to which Righty replied, "Dude, you've been hitting the stuff again, haven't you? The boss is going to murder you if he finds o
  13. Majabya

    Private Facing your Demons RP

    So much had changed while Whisper was trapped in the Everfree Forest, but to him it was all strangely familiar. The struggle between ponies and demons was not unlike the constant fighting of the Everfree, with the only difference being the introduction of new tactics and numbers. Seeking out the resistance to help him compensate for this change, Whisper has since become one of their heavy hitters, usually reserved for combat as his speed was an issue with most other operations. He still hasn't really opened up to anypony else and seems distant, but the main reason for that is his silence, not
  14. ...After I told myself several times, "Hey Majabya, don't forget about choosing a side!" CURSES! Oh well, sign me up for survivors.
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