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  1. Mental/emotional pain at around 9/10. I'm really struggling with loneliness.
  2. Pony: Terramar Forum: my bf of course IRL: pls no
  3. Yes of course, I thought I was so cool back when I was 12/13 but dang, I was not
  4. No I don’t think so, there’s still too much I want to do in this world first. Maybe once I was older and had already accomplished what I set out to do.
  5. Wiiriketopray (now WiiLiketoPlay) back in 2012 is the first channel I remember watching regularly. Looks like they’re still around, but it’s only 2 of the 4 guys now.
  6. Hi there miss moderator :P

    Is there an updated list of ranks somewhere? I can’t find it...

    1. Lucky Bolt ⚡

      Lucky Bolt ⚡

      You know what I'm actually not sure, there's a couple areas on here that need updating by the admins, they just never got around to it yet. :awwthanks: 

  7. No it’s too cloudy tonight. I’m glad for the cooler/rainier weather we’ve had lately though, since usually it’s getting hot and humid here this time of year.
  8. Well I’m not a man, but if I was and someone told me that, I would say “a real man is brave enough to show his emotions” .
  9. Not since I was a kid... I guess around 2010 or so. My favorite animal was probably the polar bear since it was my school mascot. Oh wait, last November I visited the light show at my city’s zoo, but you couldn’t see any animals then, since it was night and too dark outside . They had a holiday market and stuff. Didn’t really feel like visiting a zoo.
  10. I’m much better at planning ahead, but unfortunately things don’t always work out the way you expect them to. It’s much better to be comfortable with uncertainty, which I really struggle with.
  11. Vapiano in Budapest What is the most romantic thing you've ever heard?
  12. Mhmm, bearnaise sauce does sound good . I like fruit flavors with everything so maybe some kind of plum sauce would be tasty.