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  1. Definitely senior year. I was very involved in my school’s stage crew, I was taking classes I enjoyed for the most part, and I was excited about the college I chose to attend.
  2. The french toast sticks were always my favorite
  3. I do not. The closest would be my great aunt who made it to 94 (and a half).
  4. Drinking tea and eating a blood orange. Very bloody indeed
  5. Another vote for the 'dragon' type. I didn't know about some of those classifications. I guess Wyvern or Amphithere could also look cool... the dragons without wings kinda got screwed
  6. SparklingSwirls

    General Phone salutations

    I just say "Hello" or if it's someone I know well I say "Hey (name)".
  7. I'm happy here in DC for now but eventually the intense humidity in the summer might drive me away. I could see myself living in Boston Massachusetts maybe. I'm definitely never going back to live in my home state of Ohio... there's nothing for me there.
  8. Well okay then. I didn’t know he was still popular
  9. I’m against it. I don’t really want a camera watching what I buy, since I know I will just get tons of ads for those items on my Amazon account. Plus I work as a cashier on the side and I wouldn’t want to lose my job; it’s a fun excuse to be around people
  10. I was not, but I still graduated with honors. I went to a big school so there was a lot of competition. I took a total of 7 AP classes and that was on the low side compared to the students at the top
  11. Probably not, but mostly just because I’m very picky Maybe I’d steal something that they wouldn’t notice was gone, like a single cookie out of a box full of them...
  12. I think it could only be attractive if a guy is wearing it while doing sports but also if that’s just what someone finds comfortable, I don’t see an issue with it.
  13. Uhhh I’ma avoid this current conversation and just answer the question in the title As a business student myself I think it is more important what one does with their business skills and how they use them rather than just the aspect of being involved in business. Yeah sure a lot of people who strive to build their careers in business just want to make a lot of money at the expense of others but business can be used for good too, it can create more job opportunities and entrepreneurship can lift people out of poverty. It is a little funny, my school is well-known for its IR programs a
  14. No I didn’t go to my high school prom. I had no interest in dressing up and dancing and also the tickets were so expensive
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