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  1. Have a little atmospheric Electro/Trance now, Went along with a nice chorus for the main Lead and added a little piano play. Enjoy All rights to there respective Owners. Visit our SoundClouds : And Tumblr :
  2. Well i use Mixcraft 6 toov Here is a useful page on which programs you can rewire reason with
  3. Gotten around to finish this pony-related track finally ^^ Produced in Mixcraft 6 and Reason All rights to there respective Owners. Visit our SoundCloud And Tumblr
  4. Moonlight Howl I actually love to draw Night Sky and Space, Stars and the moon. Yeah, i like drawing Backgrounds, i guess….
  5. A A new set of chibies i drew a short while ago!
  6. Wow, this took me quite a long time ^^ Another Artwork of Night and his sweetheart, now exchanging a kiss in the moonlight
  7. Another Set of chibis i made a short time ago
  8. Another set of chibies i did for follower on my Tumblr Blog~ PS : Taking 1 chibi request for now.
  9. Recent drawing for a friend, whose OC just got a new foal~
  10. A drawing i did for my OC and his sweetheart, Snow Storm.
  11. coolwar13 on Deviantart, i added you ^^
  12. Another Set of chibies, done for friends on Tumblr
  13. I also get around to occasionally draw chibi ponies
  14. This is an OC i did for Dennybutt on Tumblr. His name is Steele Beats and he is a skater/DJ
  15. Yeah..this is where i will post my own Artwork, which i hopefully improved over the last year.