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  1. "Time is relative and given your position you have plenty to spate. You seem familiar, are you a descendant of a survivor from the original club? And as for my offer, before I had considered the committee foolish, but now I better understand the subtle nuances that it affords. So with my collection of rare items and wealth and the connections that the committee has I feel my induction may be mutal beneficial. But perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, maybe we should simply start with some wagers and enjoying the fights."
  2. @, Knightfall grinned, "Hmph, you're not very smart are you? First, Swordpoint was the winner of my match, Lite Shade fought some weakling. Also you might not understand it but sssome battle that are much bigger than a little stadium sssquable are being fought on a much larger ssscale, the game of pawns is no interest to me. Ssecond, I'm the spirit of an ancient Dragon Lord and what are dragons know for? GREED. A normal dragon collects a hoard of staggering wealth, I was a Dragon King, what do you think my hoard isss like? And finally, I'm an old dragon. I was around when the origi
  3. @,@, @ Knightfall had found his way to the committee's private seating, several groups of different creatures and ponies stood outside the door, obviously the bodyguards of the committee. Knightfall approached cautiously, these were dangerous warriors and he was still weak and the committee inside was not something to trifle with. "I would like to humbly request an audience with the committee, please inform the Black Black Club that Knightfall will be joining them to watch the remainder of this rounds fights." He stood waiting as a Minotaur turned to speak into an intercom.
  4. @,@, @, (Hey guys sorry for that delay that made my response so strange haha had a work shift that got in the way) Knightfall let the two ponies lead him along, he could at least pretend that Rune still had some control but he was so far off in his dreams that nothing Knightfall did right now would rouse him. After they left he got up, 'Now time to go have a little talk with the ponies running this show.' He trotted out of the infirmary and set out to find the Tournament Committees box seating.
  5. @, "Yeah, the great thing about it is it's runic, so the longer you have it the more powerful it will become, like some big battery you can store in or draw from," Rune Beaker yawned his eyes drooping, "just don't absorb it all at once like you did the last one or break it cause the alchemy circle is in there somewhere and I don't know what it might do to you..." His head was bobbing up and down eyes slowly closing falling asleep standing up, "but it's made of my magic too so," a large yawn, " since my magic is getting better at resisting Knightfall it should," yawn, "slow the curse and be mo
  6. @, "Well you absorbed your armor yesterday when you were fighting me then used it to overload the alchemist circle, so you can't use it anymore, but I mean I bet you'll need it if you want a chance at winning so I worked to make a new one. I know it's not Celestia made so it might not be as good but I compressed all the runes and the circle from the fight into it and the magic you used left an impression of what it was like and how it worked" Rune, sleep deprived as he was, realized he was rambling, "just try summoning in the armor, haha lets see how it turned out."
  7. The magic circle wrapped it's way around Swordpoint covering him like a mummy in runic text and patterns and then sinking into his skin to disappear. "Oh yup of course! haha and it worked too! I had to pay you back I mean for what I-... what Knightfall did, though I had a part of it too. I want you to win so you can undo what he did and to win you've got to be at your strongest."
  8. @, "Nothing, hold still this might pinch a little." Rune lit up his horn and stamped his hoof, "At least it should only be a little... I hope I cast it all right. Oh well." He flicked his head upward and his magic flared. The circular rune suddenly snapped up on to Swordpoint like a bear trap, pieces of it flipping out and clamping like smaller rat traps all across his hide. The swirling patterns flowed to the points where it met his skin pushing their way out and digging into his skin. Rune Breaker grimaced, "Okay! Little more than a pinch! Sorry! Don't fight it though, try to stay
  9. @, "Okay..." Rune's gaze started to become distant before snapping back, "yeah follow me." He turned trotting back to the 3rd arena, there were no more runes or the circle visible at all, except for at the very center of the ring which glowed blindingly bright. It seem to be a rune contained in the ground but patterns seem to swirl in it, they couldn't be made out though they were too bright it hurt to try and look at them so closely. "Swordpoint go stand in the center of that."
  10. @, At first Rune didn't realize that Swordpoint had trailed off and began to reply, "I've been working really hard on something," his fogged mind caught up with him as he saw the strange look on Swordpoint's face, it seemed like happiness, confusion disbelief and peace all at the same time, "I think it will help you a-... Are you okay?'
  11. @, @, "You've got a horrible curse on your head eating away at your brain! And it's there because of me, of course I'm distressed!" Rune was obviously very sleep deprived and the words came out sounding a lot worse then he had intended. But his mind was operating slowly right now so he didn't seem to notice or care.
  12. Rune Breaker jolted awake, he was in a cot in the infirmary and still very very tired. 'What?! No! How did I get here? Did I fall asleep I couldn't have fallen asleep!' 'Heh, you did worm and you know what happens when you fall asleep.' Runes eyes narrowed glancing around the room, his sleep deprived mind racing full of paranoia 'What did you do?! Why am I here?! How long did you have control!?' Knightfall sounded absolutely delighted with himself, 'Heh heh heh. You are so easy to play with. I did nothing I've been saving my energy. The cursed one and the one kissed by fire cam
  13. @ Rune Breaker sat just before the center of arena 3 the runes and circle from the last fight were gone. He was in a semi-asleep somewhat mediative state. He hadn't slept last night, he had been working on the ring all night, all that was left was a simple sustained magic flow to keep improving it. The cheers from the 1st arena distracted him briefly, he glanced around figuring out where it was coming from. He had dark bags under his bloodshot eyes but he'd keep working till someone made him stop. He wanted to sleep; he was weak again but it didn't bother him last night and the magic h
  14. Tpn Seagriffin
  15. New possible names for Bomb Voyage since I think you weren't set on that right? How about: Fuseloose or Chancy Dud? Fuseloose, it is a play on footloose meaning to be eager to travel, the fuse part is pretty obvious haha so I just imagine it as being the feeling she has around live explosives, she just wants to travel any where but here when the fuse is loose haha Chancy Dud, I like this one because you described her as such an unlucky pony but she is still here and given her line of work she is as lucky as she is unlucky. And the idea that even when you have an explosive that is
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