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  1. Shit, how I hate schools!

  2. I'm so happy with how it turned out! Hope you'll love it too! And sorry if I'm not so active up here. I was busy with school shit and such... -K97
  3. 50% of brightness 50% of darkness 100% of colorful pink wallpaper! So yeah, sorry for not being active up here... I just have a lack stuff to do : But anyway, enjoy this wallpaper! Link to wallpaper! -K97
  4. Listened to some Chillstep stuff...

    1. Soundgarden


      Future Garage > Chillstep IMO

  5. OMG! Devil May Cry has a lot of darkness!

  6. Thanks for the friend add! :D

    1. Karl97


      You're very welcome!

  7. I will never leave a brony fandom! Even if it's dead, I will never forget it! Mostly for me important thing in this fandom - gaining new friends and care
  8. My mom loves Knife Party. Weird, but awesome.

    1. Zero


      My mom said she liked the song, "Pony Swag". .-.

    2. Karl97
  9. Haven't uploaded awhile in here... So as you can see, it's a little combination of realistic background with PONIES! That's right! Ponies, explosions, action. What a joy Link to a wallpaper Hope ya like it! -K97
  10. Black and red. Red - color of BLOOD!!! >: - D Black - color of Darkness. Besides, black & red, for a clothes, it fits with me Other colors - not so much...
  11. Get the wallpaper pack here! So I made a special wallpaper pack for those, who likes the emblems, that was made by Emkay-MLP! But wait, what's that glowing red thing in there? You'll see it >:3 Enjoy! -K97
  12. Australia: 58 Brazil: 46 Canada: 61 China: 46 France: 86 Germany: 19 Ireland: 49 Japan: 53 Mexico: 56 Poland: 46 Russia: 64 Spain: 3 Sweden: 65 United Kingdom: 52 USA: 50 Russia +1 Germany -1
  13. Kinda made a dramatic and epic scene of something... Yes, again "movie" style, 'cause it's now my favourite :3 And look, it's a Daring Do! Link to wallpaper -K97