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  1. Your current avatar genuinely made me go "What the fuck?" as I was scrolling down a page. Thank you for that.

  2. ... jingle, jingle, jingle... *leaves you a signed copy of the 'Willy & The Poor Boys' album* ... jingle, jingle, jingle...

  3. don't play Smash hahaha so not very hyped How hyped for Just Cause 3 are you?!
  4. My family has multiple. Im an avid hunter and I believe that hunting is something every man needs to do at least once, just to try. Plus, guns are just fucking awesome
  5. when spongebob and patrick were dried up in the movie XD I actually cried are you spongebob or Squidward?
  6. Can I just say that I love your avatar?

    1. Hyper Tumble

      Hyper Tumble

      absolutely XD it hasn't changed for 2 years and it never will

    2. Sir Floof
    3. Hyper Tumble

      Hyper Tumble

      idek dude hahaha i just found it on google

  7. ewww if you had to chose a useless super power what would it be
  8. I personally don't have any atheist friends, but their beliefs wouldn't stop me from befriending them. After all, I like to debate with friends; it challenges me and gives me a second viewpoint on an issue
  9. George Washington or Ben Franklin Am I right?
  10. Currently listening to Christmas being blasted throughout the whole house its that time of year
  11. a car that only goes in reverse at speeds of up to 12 kilometers per hour would you buy said invention?