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  1. Taviscratch

    Gaming Anypony playing Warframe?

    There's a shit load of updates. I started playing it when it first came out and stopped because I thought it was terrible. A week or so ago I tried it again and the whole game is different! It is really awesome now. Come join us, send me a friend request, join our clan of nerdy bronies and help it grow. Soon... the bronies will rule the solar system Mwahahahaha! Anyway, yeah there have been updates and the game is much improved. I recommend you get back into it.
  2. Taviscratch

    Gaming Anypony playing Warframe?

    Anypony out there playing Warframe? I got it ages ago but didn't think much of it but Digital Extremes have certainly improved it in the last year or so. I heartily recommend people play it. Anyhoo, Me and some other bronies have started a clan on Xbox One, Clan Fett of Mandalore. We're looking for active members who want to enjoy a laugh in a friendly environment and help a small clan grow. If anypony is interested, don't hesitate to message Rolo Tomasi.
  3. Taviscratch

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Give me a week for my exams to be over and I'll be getting my face all up inside Witcher 3
  4. Taviscratch

    Discord is the real Mary Sue

    Please can people stop throwing around the term "Mary Sue" as if it means something. It is not a legitimate character criticism. There is nothing wrong with a character being powerful. Not all characters must be "relatable". You are boring and any character you can "relate to" is likely to be boring too. Is Gandalf a bad character merely because he took on a Balrog single-handed and won? Is Geralt a bad character because he is faster, stronger and tougher than a regular human? Would you prefer all powerful entities to be removed from every story because they are a "Mary Sue" and it's just not right for characters to be anything more than mundane and ordinary? Must all character be as boring as you? Note: the "you" in this post is plural and is directed at anyone on this thread who actually uses the term "Mary Sue".
  5. Taviscratch

    Web Any Youtubers Legitimately Piss you off?

    And these would be...? Also, sources? I'm not saying that it isn't so, and I don't like any of the brony analysts, but that's quite a claim to make.
  6. Taviscratch

    Does anyone think Twilight Sparkle is a Mary Sue?

    No because "Mary Sue" isn't even a legitimate criticism of any character. Jerry will set you straight:
  7. Taviscratch

    Web Any Youtubers Legitimately Piss you off?

    The hilarious thing about that entire discussion was the "the amount of butthurt could power the world" followed by a crapload of butthurt on their part. It made me almost piss myself. Personally I don't mind Game Theory, I think these guys misunderstood the very idea that those videos are first and foremost about being funny. I tune in to the channel usually about once a month to see if there's any videos that seem interesting. I like a few youtubers like Jacksepticeye and the Game Grumps. They just come across as nice people and it shows through in their videos. Markiplier I used to like but his channel has gone downhill and the more I see of him the more I realise he's really just an insecure, overbearing cunt. My favourite youtuber has to be Vaatividya. He is fucking awesome!
  8. Taviscratch

    Crit on my shading?

    That does look much better!
  9. Taviscratch

    Crit on my shading?

    Didn't notice that at first. Yes, the shading needs to be brought round anti-clockwise on the nose. The highlight should be more on the front of the nose and the shadow should only be on the very bottom of the upper "lip".
  10. Taviscratch

    Crit on my shading?

    Your shading is top notch as long as you intended for you light source to be coming from exactly ahead of the dragon and at just a tad of a low angle. Great work! Edit: Wait, the shading on the head appears to have a high angle to it as if the light source is from above but the body appears to have a low angle to it's shading as if the light source is coming from below. This is my only critique and I think it is all down to the arc of the shadow by the jewel on his collar. Aside from this small detail, it looks brilliant.
  11. Taviscratch

    Web About Youtube

    Subscription notifications only notify you about channels you appear interested in. You need to watch an upload every day or two to keep the subscription notifications for that channel running. If you don't, Youtube thinks you're not interested. It can be as much a problem for channels that upload a couple videos a day as it is for channels that upload one every week or so because people tune out and ignore 2/3 of the content on Pewdiepie's channel or on the GameGrumps and so your subscription notifications get pulled.
  12. I don't give a flying fuck about any cunting swearing as there's literally no wanking reason why I should care about any shitting cursing.
  13. Taviscratch

    What does your last name mean

    Your surname is actually most likely a coalescence of two different names, one Germanic and one Latin. Perhaps your ancestor was a Roman who married a Goth?
  14. Taviscratch

    Gaming Worst video game box art ever

    Well this is nightmare fuel
  15. Taviscratch

    What does your last name mean

    Well my surname is Oxley which is a habitational name (name given due to where you lived) which etymologically stems from South German and means "woodland clearing". Basically, I'm a D&D ranger.