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  1. That was incredibly awkward. Almost hard to watch. But interesting, nonetheless. Definitely interesting to see what happens when things go wrong.
  2. Got a new(ish) car! '03 Toyota Rav4. Best of all: It's rust-free

  3. I swear I'm gonns rip his face off, if he asks me to do one more thing

    1. Hypereddie


      ...can you get me a glass of water..?

    2. Corruptvoid


      You're not the "he" in question, so you're safe. You can get your own water, tho.

    3. Evilshy


      Can you get me a chocolate milk of glass?

  4. Oh, I hope not. That Discord reform episode was downright silly (not in the good way). I really don't think it will happen. Not because of any continuity within the universe, but I think the MLP creative team knows better than to reuse that concept. I think the only reason they did it for Discord was an excuse to bring him back, as a salute to the bronies. They did kind of "reform" Trixie, but I think that was more of a clarification of her character, since she wasn't all that well written in Boast Busters.
  5. My family moved alot when I was young, so I don't have any friends from before I was 17. Even now, I wouldn't consider anyone I know to be my "friend". I wish I had someone that I shared a significant amount of intrests with, but I don't. It doesn't help that I am very introverted.
  6. speed in my pants baby got back in my pants
  7. Seeing as a person's avatar is the only non-text visual representation of a person, on these kinds of sites, it's hard not to judge them based on their avatar. At least until you get to know them.
  8. Here's a video that my roommate and I posted on youtube a while ago for a video project we were doing. It fits, so why not? By the way, I'm not the one giving the tour. I'm "Ray".
  9. Religion is defined as: "a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe". So, you're right, to a point, but then that makes evolution a religion. Since I'd have to estimate 99% or so of athiests are evolutionists, it's really just become a synonym, of sorts. I hope this doesn't sound rude, because it's absolutely not meant to be: The argument you used really just seems like a way to say "I'm different" while not being different. FYI, I am an athiest, also. More on that, later.
  10. I see your point, but I still think the company was better with Walt around. It's not a bad company, and I'm sure the creative team still has alot of passion, but I'm just not so sure the people at the top are concerned about the same things.
  11. Favorite wrestler: Chris Jericho. Then and Now. Best theme music ever. Very cool guy. Favorite up-and-comer: Damien Sandow. That character is so amusing, and he's a pretty good wrestler, to boot. Favorite underrated wrestler: Cody Rhodes. Once of the best in the company, but doesn't consistantly get paired up with solid opponents so he just gets stuck. Most overrated wrestler: CM Punk. I'm not saying he's bad. Far from it. He's absolutely top 5 as far as technical wrestlers go. But for all the credit he gets for being so good, there's a dozen guys who are just as good that get overlooked just because they don't feud with John Cena all the time. ^ignore that^ Most overrated wrestler: The Rock. He gets way too much credit for what little he does. For that matter, all the wrestlers who only have matches at PPVs deserve this title. It's like being a starter for a sports team without showing up for practice.
  12. Not the movies. The company, itsself. It's the same thing that happens to most companys that are founded with good intentions. Once the founder passes on, it becomes more of a struggle to get as much money as possible than actually being morally and ethically sound. Same thing happened to Walmart when Sam Walton died. It still produces quality product, but you ask anyone who worked when Sam was in charge and they'll tell you it was a whole different atmosphere then working there, now.
  13. I have always liked disney. It may not be the same company with the same moral standards that it once was, but they still pump out quality movies on a regular basis, with very few misses.
  14. Alot of posts doesn't bother me. I tend to stay away if it's only a handful of people making a high volume of posts, tho. It seems more like a private conversation, that way, and I don't want to butt in.