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  1. Vexx3

    Let's put some effort in, alright?

    I'm not taking anything here personal. I'm debating as you are. If you think otherwise, I'd suggest we move into a private discussion.
  2. Vexx3

    Let's put some effort in, alright?

    I know what you said and it still doesn't make it easier. Because even once you've done away with that bit of dirt, you still have the entire rest of the room, and that can be easily overwhelming. Does that mean the site is understaffed? Maybe, maybe not. That's up to them to determine. Just because you were able to take on that kind of workload and still moderate the forum, doesn't mean everyone else can and should. People handle stress and workload differently and it's unfair to expect everyone to be on your level, nor should it imply that they are incompetent as moderators. So what you're saying is that you were actively looking for dirt to throw in the face of the first staff member to respond? How is that any better? Constructive criticism offers advice on how to improve. All I've seen from you thusfar is passive-aggressive jabs aimed at painting the staff as a whole as a bunch of lazy, narcissistic god-complexes and that's neither a fair nor accurate depiction. Is the mod team perfect? Of course not. Could improvements be made? Definitely. But they're people, not some corrupt corporate machine. Why treat them like one?
  3. Vexx3

    Let's put some effort in, alright?

    If bad posts are "literally everywhere", how does that make moderation easier? That's like saying cleaning the house is easier because dirt is "literally everywhere". Than that's your personal choice. Moderation isn't exactly a "job" either and apparently people need constant reminders that mods have lives too and aren't just machines dedicated to spending all of their free time digging through thousands of threads to find any thing out of line just to get screamed at and told that they're power-tripping egotistical tyrants. It's not exactly a good idea to use straw-man arguments to demonize someone you have a problem with if you'd like to be taken seriously. NewCalamity's profile is quite obviously meant to be read tongue-in-cheek.
  4. Vexx3

    Vexx's Sketch Thread

    Thank you! ^^ The eyelashes/brows clipping through the hair is more of a stylistic choice. I know there are those that don't like and I might experiment with not doing that. I'm not really good enough yet to be able to add the face wrinkles and lines that help define the expression otherwise.
  5. Vexx3

    Vexx's Sketch Thread

    So I did a sketch of Lyra in a stream. Did a lot of experimenting (mainly the eye style and shading) and I'm actually pretty happy with the results. Did this one as a gift for a friend of mine from Tumblr. I think this pretty much affirms that Photoshop will be be drawing program now instead of SAI. Might still use SAI for lines, though.
  6. Vexx3

    Spitfire Drawing

    So, this is basically my first serious attempt at lineart and a new coloring method. The lineart is pretty inconsistent, but I tried. I made this from the Spitfire sketch I posted in my sketch thread. Took the opportunity to fix some mistakes.
  7. Vexx3

    Vexx's Sketch Thread

    So, I did a sketch of Spitfire this time. Wanted more practice with this kind of pose. I'm pretty sure the front legs are a bit too small.
  8. Vexx3

    Vexx's Sketch Thread

    Okay, so because I'm so happy with how it came out, I guess I'll post this one here as well. This was drawn for Moonlight Fire in my sketch request thread.
  9. Vexx3

    Vexx's Sketch Thread

    Did this sketch for someone on Tumblr. I think it came out okay, but my lord that hair was tough... Also did this sketch in Psych class. Mainly just wanted to try the pose and perspective so a lot of the proportions are really off.
  10. Vexx3

    Vexx's Sketch Thread

    Here's a sketch I did of Fluttershy. The main purpose of this sketch was to try and figure out a method for drawing wings and I think I figured it out.
  11. Vexx3

    Vexx's Sketch Thread

    Thanks for the feedback, guys! Here's another that I did for someone on Tumblr. Not really happy with the front legs, especially the lifted one. Can't seem to get that kind of pose right. And here's one I did of Velvet Remedy, my favorite character from Fallout: Equestria.
  12. Vexx3

    Vexx's Sketch Thread

    Yeah, since sketches are all I will likely be doing for a while until I can get my anatomy pinned down, I figured I might as well make a central thread to post them in. Ones I've done so far: And here's the newest one that I did for @Eavath.
  13. Vexx3

    Post your Desktop

    It's a launcher I downloaded from the Play store called Smart Launcher. I also have the Blueberry theme and a custom icon pack installed with it.
  14. Vexx3

    Post your Desktop

    Home screen on my Galaxy S4. Wallpaper made by my friend, WMill.
  15. Vexx3

    That Royal Guard

    Ugh, I am so jealous of your abilities. TEACH ME HOW TO COLOR AND DRAW HAIR Only thing I can see in terms of a critique is that the closer front leg's perspective looks a little weird.