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Blog Entries posted by Vexx3

  1. Vexx3
    The following is a reflection on my life and experiences in the past year. Since some of it is depressing stuff, I've spoilered it since I'm not someone who likes to broadcast my troubles on the internet.
    That's not to say, however, that all of it is a sobfest. I do include the good that has happened.
  2. Vexx3
    ... I highly encourage you to read this article written by PixelKitties. It perfectly sums up what I have felt about this fandom for the last few months and I couldn't possibly word it any better.
    For those who are apathetic towards clicking links, the content of the article is contained within the spoilers below.
  3. Vexx3
    Here are both versions for Rainbow Dash.
    Original Style: Link

    Alternative Style: Link

  4. Vexx3
    As promised, here are the first two wallpapers in this series.
    Original Style: http://vexx3.deviant...ginal-325403918

    Alternative Style: http://vexx3.deviant...ative-325299207

  5. Vexx3
    It's almost time again. Time for me to find another new home. Another "refresh" on life, if you will. In a couple weeks the lease on my apartment is up and I can no longer afford to keep it going. Where will I go? Well... I'm not entirely sure yet, but I have been offered a room by my grandparents and might take them up on it.
    This will be my third time moving since graduating from high school. I'm starting to get used to it, but I still would really like to just be settled somewhere for a few years. Constantly moving gets tiring, you know?
    Moving in with my grandparents will also allow me to rebuild my finances. My ex-roommate really screwed me over by leaving (and for stupid reasons) and I pretty much drained my entire savings account (which had just over $1200) just so I could pay the rent and bills. I also ran out of heating oil a couple weeks ago and can't afford to replenish it. That means I can't wash dishes and I have to drive over to my dad's just to take showers (if I even have time).
    On top of that, I once again was not able to afford to sign up for classes at my community college. This will be the second semester in a row that I will not be attending. I also need to find a full-time job.
    Anyways, please don't feel obligated to express sympathy or anything, this was just kind of a free-write to release a bit of stress and frustration.
  6. Vexx3
    As you may or may not know, I make pony wallpapers. Lots of them.
    Now, I usually post wallpapers in the fan art section, but I felt posting these here would be more appropriate. I'm in the process of making a series of wallpapers with each of the mane six in their Gala dresses from the show. However, I'm also making alternative versions for vectors I find of fan-made dress designs.
    I will be posting them here on my blog. So far, I've completed both versions of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, though as of now only the two Fluttershy versions have been uploaded.
    I will post the Fluttershy versions here once I get home later today. Alternatively, you can also find them on my DeviantART.