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Blog Comments posted by Vexx3

  1. I would definitely recommend taking a look at Memory Pending. It's extremely well-written, has a solid plot and premise, and has something for everyone. It's an adventure fic with a bit of comedy, a bit of romance (not taken very far as it's not the story's focus), a bit of action, and a fantastic ending. It is by far my favorite fanfic. It will definitely make you think. ;)


    It may seem like a Human-in-Equestria story at first glance, but it isn't (I can't tell you more than that without spoiling).

    • Brohoof 1

  2. I implore that all ponies ignore negativity of the article. It is designed to do that, discourage us and drain our spirit down. And were alot more heartier bunch then that. Aren't we? I believe in us. Why don't you....? And you can't say i'm not trying to give ponies some options here: and here

    The world we want for ourselves is beginning to form. You're just going to have to notice....

    I... don't think you read the article. The article is actually positive and uplifting.